Thursday, February 23, 2006

National Burn the Koran Day, July 4, 2006.

I really can't tell you how sick I am of militant radical Islam. Of dhimmitude, and political correctness. Of blind allegiance to the concept of peace, though it not be at hand, is not near. And will not be for many a year. Militant radical Islam is on the march. Outward across the globe. Inward through cities American. The only message we can send is one that is clear. One that wavers not. One that is loud. We will not submit. We will not surrender. On this Fourth of July, 2006, show your solidarity with freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Annoyance at politcially correct weenies, with utter disgust for all the whining and the braying. Show the world your brass. Let 'em hear them clank. Show the world what you think of those who maim, torture, murder, and slaughter in the name of Mohammed, Allah, and that flat pack of Charmin (the Koran). On that day, burn a Koran.

To receive your complimentary copy of the Qurran .....

'Let's burn the Koran.'

A pictoral guide on how to burn your copy of the Koran (with comments).

Another burner .....

Thursday, February 23, 2006. International insult Islam day:
'German court convicts man for insulting Islam.'

DUESSELDORF, Germany (Reuters) - A German court on Thursday convicted a businessman of insulting Islam by printing the word "Koran" on toilet paper and offering it to mosques. The 61-year-old man ..... Manfred van H. printed out sheets of toilet paper bearing the word "Koran" shortly after a group of Muslims carried out a series of bomb attacks in London in July 2005.

He sent the paper to German television stations, magazines and some 15 mosques. Prosecutors said that in an accompanying letter Manfred van H. called Islam's holy book a "cookbook for terrorists." He also offered his toilet paper for sale on the Internet at a price of 4 euros ($4.76) per roll, saying the proceeds would go toward a "memorial to all the victims of Islamic terrorism."

Friday, February 24

Not fit for mealtime viewing. Via nice doggie. eBay auction: 'The most controversial art you will ever see. Create your very own intifada with this! Pages taken from the Koran decoupaged on a wooden plaque with a picture of Mohammed eating a bacon sandwich!'

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Blogger JimK said...

Just so people know, the CAIR Koran isn't a real's some sort of sin apparently to give us infidels a copy of the actual Koran. The CAIR book is a study guide...the Koran, translated, with notes and whatnot. Think the Koran + Cliff's Notes + propaganda.

It's also ENORMOUS. Weight like ten pounds. Must cost them a fortune to ship. Order three! :)

11:59 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Darn't, that probably means they left out the best parts! Pithy nuance gone missing. Still, at ten pounds, that would certainly save on petroleum charcoal starter.

1:51 AM  

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