Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogging while stoned, the nation's Democrats lose the Presidency. Again.

'Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer.'

Predictions by Elmo:

1) The current Iraq war. Predicted a year in advance (proof offered on request).

2) The 2004 election, three months in advance (same offer of proof).

3) 2008 Presidential election will not be won by a lib or dem ding dong daddy. With no issues in the bag, none on the horizon. The dems resort to that which they do best. A whole lot of nothing, interspersed with moments of joyously flinging doo. For a while now, this is what passes for both issues and political campaigning, across the aisle. A proven loser.

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Yet like moths to the flame, the dems come back to it, time and again. The grandeur of the delusion witnessed by the glow that emanated from all and sundry. In awe of Howdy Dean's online campaign and fundraisng ..... We're giving money. We're rasing money. We have have Howdy Dean. We can't lose!

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Hey Mohammed, lick this!
(Also available for fried, blitzted, and or toasted lib bloggers who want to keep their keybaords neat and tidy).



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