Friday, September 29, 2006

Kate Walsh ... Will Ya Marry Me?

Six minutes, twenty four seconds.

Was poppin' Bon Bons and watching Ellen the other day, and ya juss broke my little old heart. Funny, I always kind of fancied Drew's first gal pal in his series. And well, I haven't even seen a single episode of your latest TV show (past my bedtime).

Tivo you say?

Sure, but don't you have to buy a thingy, and then pay someone for the service?


I'll check at my library, thanks for the idea. Uh huh .... yeah I know Ellens' lighting, makeup, and camera crew are top notch. And ah .... maybe you might not be so beguiling very first thing in the morning (we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

How old am I
you ask?

Ummmmm (mumble) .... forty eight. But hey nothing's fallen off (yet). And most everything still works (wink wink,nudge nudge). [Ya ain 'xactly a spring ckicken there yourself].

Oooh, touchy touchy.

What do I do?

Oh child don't worry about the money ..... (we'll spend yours).


Of course Darling, Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Elmo


You aren't strange or weird are you?

[Just askin'/being safe. Never know with some Hollywood types].


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