Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anechoic Room Celebrates Ramma Lama Ding Dong

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The celebration has begun (can I get a whoa Bundy?).

Followed by a casual read of the Sunday paper [which included the usual drooling cartoonish criticisms of the President. The tenor of which, would have Sean Penn's tongue displayed in a museum, in Iran (were he currently a resident there, and speaking about His Magnificence Moo Moo Ahmadinejad) credit O'Reilly].

Likely we won't proceed to the annual adult entertainment expo, here in L.A. [hey we can visit a teety bar any dang day we please (not just the night before getting on an airliner, pegging the throttle, and flying into a skyscraper)].

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And likely we'll also skip the L.A. County Fair today as well. And their lovely Porcine Parade for Prizes [well, we did go opening day. But alas, we watched the ponies. But it is nice to know we can watch swine running if we want to! (pork ... it's not just for breakfast anymore)].

Dollars to donuts we will fire up the ole hifi today, spin some platters/play some rock n roll. Sip some icey vodka, and give Thanks for some lovely fall weather [pop music and booze, can a Muslim get any happier? (can I get a whoa Mohammed?)].

We won't drop any acid today, and then watch this one minute fourteen second You Tube vid (we're not sure if Lysergic is halal? But we're pretty sure this is why they hate us).

We'll conclude our giant Ramma Lama Ding Dong festivities here at Anechoic Room, by saying f*ck you to: Nic Maduro (Venezuela official held at U.S. airport), Baby Asshat (U.S. to blame for attack on its embassy - Syria), some Irish 'academics' (Irish academics urge Israel boycott), and Newsweek (Interview with Iran) [is there anyone on the left who didn't suck Ahmadinejad's d*ck when he was in New York?]. And is it gratuitous to say f*ck the French? (Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be slander?).

We won't say f*ck you to Virginia Dare. Only a gleefull shout out: keep 'em coming.

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10:15 a.m.

D.T. lets the dogs out.

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Political art by D. T. Devareaux


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