Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Have an insect problem in your neck of the woods? Well here's some handy links that you may find helpful.

Are bugs on the front of your vehicle getting you down?

Tired of scrubbing your life away on those pesky insects? You can either learn to swerve a lot or you can try BUG OUT! This amazing new product was formulated to remove those annoying stuck on insect spats from the front of your vehicle, windshield, or mirrors.

Raid High Infestation Roach Control Program

.... it is important to eliminate any available food and water that could attract a roach into your home. Roaches are also tough to control, because they reproduce so quickly. (One roach can lay 40 eggs at a time!)

For you sensitive types ....

"BUG-KILL" is a non-toxic insecticide that can be safely used around children as well as in food processing areas.

"BUG-KILL" safely wipes out unwanted insects without posing a threat to children or food. "BUG-KILL" instantly strips away a protective wax coating from the exoskeletons of insects which causes them to suffocate and die on contact.

Bug Shield Spray.

Ready to spray clear liquid which is applied directly to the front end of autos which have to drive where bugs are present. Once dry, Bug Shield Spray will provide an invisible shield which will protect the finish and auto from the damage and mess associated with driving through swarms of insects.

Tired Of Roaches?

On Your Counters? Under Your Fridge? In Your Food? Finally, There is a sure fire method to eliminate all 26 types of roaches from your home - fast.

ExterminatorPro's Roach Shredder actually shreds the insides of roaches intestines like ground glass, killing the entire nest in just days. It's odor free, safe around dogs and cats but 100% deadly to roaches.

For large or jumbo sized vermin problems.

Kills rats, mice, rodents. Very humane and works every time. Not an ultra-sound device. Kills mice with a deadly shock. Clean, no blood, guts or poisons.

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