Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sh*t for Breakfast

(Front page) Los Angeles Daily News, Friday, November 28, 2008.

Wanted to title this post: The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. Instead of: Sh*t for Breakfast. Out of basic courtesy. But every morning on my doorstep .... the L.A. Daily News delivers their latest steaming pile'o libwuhl brain drippings. Worthless (but of course still self serving) amateurish tripe, that even a middle school journo student would find marked D- (via the usual red pencil). Editor Carolina Garcia would do (extremely) well not to quit her day job (where else on this Planet Earth, could you get paid everyday, for simply pinching a loaf?).

Day after day, I look, watch, and read. In amazement .... disbelief. That a newspaper from a major metro area, could be anything but (notice I didn't say a major metro newspaper). Lose the capable San Diego, and Sacramento contributors/correspondents ... and what have you got? And if an when Dennis McCarthy walks .... don't even bother throwing the main (circuit) breaker at the printing plant (Elvis has already left the building).

Which leaves us what exactly .... the Tuesday supermarket supplements, and the Sunday circulars. Bupkis. (Bbbut) what about all the AP stories they buy, and fill the entire paper up with (you may ask)? Well, if ya wanna call that news. Me .. I just call it sad. Pathetic, a fooking joke [but you know iff'n I got paid well for doing nothing more than running AP crappola (in lieu of gathering, writing, and reporting). I might consider doing same (hey I'm still a member of the CRT nation/TYVM). And yeah, very much looking forward to the Daily News printing the salaries of all of their employees (just like they did with the many thousands of city power agency employees)].

It never stops, just mo sheet evry day, from the AP. Largely unedited (though of course effort is often expended to punch up the banners and headlines, to suit their pretty much indistinguishable agenda). Lacking .... any sort of clarity, or quality of purpose. Direct linking any of their virtual offerings? Never worth the bother. Conveniently having the shortest shelf life extant, on the net entire (no B.S. that).

Hard to believe Garcia reads any of it, before printing [that is if she can (read that is)]. Soldiers move on militants? .... If ya can't bring yourself to call killers/murderers/terrorists what they are? Then please do us both a favor. Never introduce yourself to me, or extend a hand in greeting (you just smell ... ergo, the title of this post).


Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader appeared in a new video posted Friday calling on Americans to embrace Islam ... Why Zowie babe, looks like the Daily News already has.


Watching CNN and MSNBC tripping over their (own) inanity, with on air questions like: what do they want .... or what are they trying to accomplish (regards the slaughter of hundreds of human beings in Mumbai). Ascribing some human component to Mo's bug squad. Sickening, revolting.


And yet even more of the AP/Daily News' word game: Activists ...


And Darby Conley? Obviously .... doesn't need the money anymore (Sat., Nov. 29, '08).

Get Fuzzy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Christmas I tell ya ....


And we're not worthy.

Barack Obama's incoming administration is unlikely to bring criminal charges against government officials who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists during the George W. Bush presidency.

[Duzz this mean they're going to delay construction of the (neocon blogger) internment camps?].

Then again ... I guess perhaps some didn't get the memo?

A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County's federal detention centers.

And still others, well ....

kindergarten through sixth-graders who want to say the pledge [of allegiance] (have) to leave their classrooms to do so ....

And really, I'm so fooh-keen glad we sorted this out (stoked, chuffed even).


[Cuz you know .... you just can't have too many President Bamboozuhlama lifestyle pieces (ya really can't)].

.... President-elect Barack Obama has been looking pretty casual of late. Instead of the familiar dark suits and solid dress shirts, he has variously worn a baseball cap with a North Face warm-up jacket, jeans and white sneakers, and a black windbreaker that some observers assumed was leather but, more likely, was nothing fancier than cotton.

There are another fifteen similar paragraphs in the article, for those so inclined :-)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barry Style


Sure, many truly are uplifted by the election of one Barack Obama, as President of these United States. And will in fact take joy, real joy. Fine (yes, a good thing).

But symbolism as all? As everything? (Not simply style over substance, but style as substance). Instead of concentrating on leading [excuse me ... ruling (sorry, won't happen again)]. And doing the job that needs be done.

President Obama will focus the entirety of his four years in offfice. On image. Crafting it, shaping it, polishing ... and protecting it. Most every move will be poll driven. Most every administrative act, staked out .... triangulated, to consolidate power or maximize political gain.

Rather than a knowledge of self, (and) a true belief in nation. Standing up, being counted, right or wrong, success or failure. Together. This style of leadership (as it were), will henceforth be known as ..... (doing it) Barry Style.

As witness the last few days of the Prez Elect's activities. Though he won ....
he hasn't actually stopped running for office. Doing it Barry Style will include (but not be limited to):

Sweeping platitudes .... grandiosity (no blemishes ... all cheshire cat smiles). And the media (now an official part of the administration), won't stop campaigning [for Obama, either (gotta love Katie Couric ... telling Governor Palin, to shut yer yap, and get the fook back up to the tundra. Or similarly ... Anderson Cooper sportin a lil stiffie/gettin giddy wid it .... while commenting bout Guv Palin making "moose burgers")].

Included also (in the definition of Barry Style) .... clearing the battlefield, and the taking of scalps [on Barry's behalf (though yes, ever so proudly/prominently displayed round the Old Media lodge)].

And such activity may well help suppress any opposing political views [or the accidental exposure of an Obama wart (the horrror!)]. Like the 25 mph steamrollering of ANYONE .... who just might happen to get in Barry's way.

Should you (personally) express your doubts about Barry'O? Well ... you just might be forgiven if you thought you lived in a free country (what an idiot).

MSM will continue to amplify THEIR political differences with the outgoing administration. Hammering, pounding into dust (assigning blame to the outgoing/lowering expectations of the incoming). There is no bipartisanship, nor will there ever be with the Obama administration (sorry, though would be nice). Inspite of St. Obie's grandiose [forked tongue (but still smiling)] mumblings. Wherein he righteously, proudly says one thing ... and then of course ... does another. Doing it Barry Style .... the stamped/embossed hallmark of the upcoming Obama administration.

And now ... for something completely different:

In appreciation for all the truly fantastic bj's I've been given by Hollywood. And to show solidarity with all those who sadly will be suffering with 18k white gold. Instead of platinum, this Christmas. I am going to eat this fly.

And no, it hasn't escaped my attention that some of you maybe are a wee bit bored with my water walking act? So, I've hired yet more writers and producers ..... to come up with a second act.

(We're thinking of changing my middle name to Grasshopper, for starters).

And yes indeed, I have been practicing my sahsaying, in advance of January 20th (TYVM/I'll be ready to Rule from day one).

Do I want to comment on Katie Couric telling Governor Palin to shut up, and go home? Katie's a good little commie, she can take care of herself. Anderson Cooper? Well yeah ... maybe he is a little bit scared of Sarah?

I know you're a Republican sweetie, that's why I volunteered to do all the colonoscopies today. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about.

And stick around, cuz the bullsh*t gunn-ree-lee fly during my inauguration speech (don't forget to watch it on YouTube!).

And I've also heard that some of you are more than a little worried about getting tickets to the inauguration.

Don't be .....

Everyone will get a taste of Barry Style, and what it's like to ride Obie's Doubletalk Express.

Lastly, some of you who didn't support my candidacy, are perhaps worried about my normal practice of talking out of both sides of my mouth (like when I trot out the word bipartisan). Fear not ....

You'll all get used to the taste of the Kool-Aid eventually.

If not? Our new Department of Reeducation, will have you feeling it in no time. Now .... I'd like to introduce the gentleman on my right. One of the very first to complete his reeducation.

You say it scrubs away all traces of the previous Republican administration? Hmmm .... Thanks for that .... this'll really come in handy.

Now some of you might be thinking ... how much change? And is any more coming? Hell yeah, lots more .... just as much as you can possibly stand.


Just so there are no misunderstandings, please remember:

1) I'm always right.

2) See number one.

3) Don't criticize Dear Leader.

4) There is room for only ONE Messiah.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Mr. President.

Eight years. Firm, resolute, unwavering. Day in. Day out. No excuses. No whimpering, shirking, no whining. No cowering. No running from the red mist saturate, that militant radical Islam's giant wood chipper infuses our atmosphere with. No shriveling under MSM's daily fusillade of arrows. You have led. It is with sincere gratitude that I give Thanks to you Sir. We will not see your like again.


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

What do I know about MLK? Did he have a sense of humor? How would he have viewed today's turn of events? Would he smile .... bathed in the strange irony that Barack Obama is President, because he is black (and not in spite of being). That more votes were cast FOR Obama, based on the color of his skin.

Fully 96 percent of blacks voted for Obama ... [and, no Democrat since Carter, had earned more than 38 percent of the white male vote (Obama received 41 percent)].

So, the election is over ...

And now one and all, the fig leafing of Obama's presidency, has begun. Trucks daily are rolling up to the loading docks of all of America's newspapers. Packed with pallet after pallet of trowels and shovels. While at the same time, rail tankcars are being directed to their newsplant sidings, filled to the brim with fresh spackle. On tap. Awaiting the four year job of covering up Obama's blemishes (that love's first blush completely masked).

And so today we get near an entire Nation's newspapers ripe with: "no quick fixes", "challenges", "cautioned against hope(s)", "not going to be easy" (when they weren't busy basking in their own glow, passing each other compliments/patting themselves on the back).

Rather than ask wtf happened to that magic wand, that every lib just new Obie had in his back pocket? The lowering of expectations is just ... well, so much easier. Rather than attempting to face reality (for the first time). But of course, they are NOW ever so proud of America [a liberal is President! A liberal is President! (spoken in character/Steve Martin/The Jerk/'the new phone book is here')].

News IS dead. Truth is history. But Obie ... well he's Prez.. And insanely, still ... this very second, MSM pounds the drum of racism [I guess those stupid f*cking pieces of media sh*t don't even read their own papers (last I heard, Obama won. And here in Cali, Prop. 8 wasn't defeated because of whitey [no Sir/Maam]. But because of the m i n o r i t y vote [yet still the libs rampage, and go Mormon hunting)]. Or, even beyond any and all belief, still running stories on Governor Palin's wardrobe (seeing is believing).

We have learned that intolerance and prejudice is taught by the left. At every chance or opportunity. Against those of different beliefs, values, and political views. And this behavior is now a normal and accepted part of the fabric of liberalism. And is simply second nature for most all da moonbats.

And old media? Really is in fact dead. Dead, dead, dead. [You want proof Sparky? (external oxygen supply/or hazmat [dookie level] particle mask are VERY highly recommended)].

Love is all around
... (cue Mary Tyler Moore theme song).

no need to waste it ....

Things to come?

Nothing new here ... (EuroTrashPress suggin their own salami) ...

"The U.S. President-elect faces threats from ... Israel"

Thank G*d .... now I can take this f*cking Yid lid off!

I don't know sweetheart, I guess you'll just have to ask Obie?

Get you inauguration ball gowns here ...

(oooh ... cheap shot Elmo, cheap shot)

Then again ... we haven't actually seen the Khalidi tape now have we? Doubtful we we ever will. Because the L.A. Times (just like the L.A. Daily News, and now countless American "newspapers"), is in the biz of shading, misdirecting, and withholding the news. Rather than presenting it to the community at large. And letting the electorate inform their own opinion, in the exercising of their own vote.

Instead we get the likes of the L.A. Daily News showing (in their own eyes) masterful info management (more commonly known as disinfo). Playing the Numbers Game. Wednesday morning, after the election ..... NO vote tallies on the front page, none. Instead, we get the electoral college numbers (it's a f*cking "landlside!" ... "turning point" ... "mandate" ... "repudiation"). You could look on the front page, but you would not actually find the vote totals for President, in this 2008 election [and while not sifting every single word, I did in fact look/scan the whole entire edition (and came up empty as well)].

Next day ... Thursday. Front page, more of the same bullsh*t. AGAIN, No Vote Tally for the 2008 Presidential Election. But we do indeed get more numbers. Rounded off (do I need also mention up?) percentages.

A few days later, Sunday morning (still another round of the Numbers Game). Sure, uh huh ...front page (large banner, above the fold). Obama was supported locally by 75% (see, we told you the Messiah's here). And yet those scummy, intolerant, racist (goes without saying), mofo slices o' Wonder Bread voted 19% yes on Prop. 8. And blacks (who locally were 100% for Obama), voted 45% yes on 8 (Latinos 48%).

F*ck the L.A. Daily News (of course, they prolly still believe it's the economy that has their daily sales/subscriptions falling like a stone).

Integrity once lost, is never regained. And if you really really want to raise your own eyebrow? Spend five minutes scouting round the whole web (go ahead) ..... perusing say a dozen different links. And see if you can find the totals yourself? (lemme know).

And so it goes ....