Monday, October 31, 2011

Kabuki Theater in a Crowded Fire

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Life ain't all equine polo, and lugzhurious upholstered cabanas (with requisite bottles of Taittinger). In Montecito (Summerland/Carp), with the Royals (and Hollyweirdos) noo. Nor lickety quick pit stops (photo ops) at Roscoe's (with a fleet of fifty, armored, Secret Service vehicles). To grab up a bucket a'chicken ... to go (at least Chucklehead didn't use the drive thru!). Enroute to $38,500 a plate galas/dinners/soirees/parties. At taxpayer expense.

It's more like Chinese water torture (drip, drip, drip, drip). These attacks ... these brutal attacks on truth. Ceaseless, and without end. And like I told ya a bazillion times already [years now (f*ck yes ... years)]. IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE (and that, that is the only thing I am confident of).

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[Last fifteen seconds of clip, Dum Dum's handler/young woman/far right (watch her eyes, she's nearly drowning in the KoolAid): "Excuse me, we gotta go, I'm sorry ... we gotta go" (translation: we're late, really really late ... for Joe's nap [we need some Valium ... STAT!!!])].

Only problem ... me, I weren't actually prepared.
For the true horror.
The reality.
Seen with my own eyes.
It defies belief.
This morbid, sick, deranged Kabuki Theater.
In a crowded fire.

And I didn't think RT/Russia Television could get any worse, with their nonstop (and then some) coverage, of all things kumbaya/Zuccotti Park (spakle ponies for everyone!). Until perchance I espied (every one's favorite) Rachel Maddow, one morn last week, as live guest/talking head. Each day the fourth estate and the IslamoCommieJunta write/produce/direct a new scene, a new act. More foul, more odius, more cringeworthy, more frightening, and more bone chilling than before.

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Up = down (kill the rich). Down = up [take their money, it's ours! (this riot sh*t's hard work)]. Left = right (Occupy Wall Street's no diff than the Tea Party). Islamists = Krishna's. Arab Spring = peace in our time. Insurgents/rebels/militants/pro-democracy activists = Mother Teresa (and not proud members of the Baby Raping MoonG*d Death Cult).

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It never stops. MSM's feverish panicked push ... the Islamification of America (last Tuesday's L.A. Daily News, gave a birthday shout out to Ahmadinejad!). Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Lurps behind. And stuck in the middle ... with IslamoCommie traitors (in front). The Reich Ministry and their 24/7 disinfo, propaganda, lies, misdirection, obfuscation ... are killing my country. Stone cold. Sans compunction. Sans reason. Sans regret. On a mission they are. Mindless. Express. To hell.

Now beaten down, I've pretty much reached my limit, my tolerance. Straining mightily, having to force myself ... to put fingers to keyboard, words to screen. Enervated, struggling ... ever so ... to sort through the enormous backlog of links. And though I most certainly implore others, to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. I am no longer confident of my own ability, to endure, to persevere. While Goebbels arises, lives, breathes, and walks among us.

And now? Our country's bedrock foundations are a crumble. Under the steady, ceaseless, pounding assault. Right before all our very eyes. Lawlessness now becoming the accepted norm [in spite of the Reich Ministry (transparently) painting Occupy Wall St. as the libturd rapture]:

1) MANCHESTER - A city woman is accused of pimping a 16-year-old girl she met in Victory Park during the Occupy NH demonstrations.

2) CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

3) Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas.

4) A man is arrested at Occupy Toronto after allegedly smelling a woman's feet and trying to get other protesters to drink urine.

5) SEATTLE -- A man accused of exposing himself to children at least five times across Seattle, was arrested early Tuesday morning. Detectives learned he had been at Westlake Park, taking part in the Occupy Seattle protests.

6) Thieves preying on fellow protesters.

7) Occupy Wall Street Goons Spray Black Cop With Liquid Then Jump Him (Video).

8) OccupyDenver Thugs Knock Motorcycle Cop To Ground.

9) A hotel's staff voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters.

10) ... barged into a woman’s tent and sexually assaulted her at around 6 a.m., said protesters, who chased him from the park.

And not just at park's Zuccotti ...

11) AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punks during a walk in Wissahickon Valley Park earlier this week theorizes that the beating he endured was a cruel game of "get the old geezer."

12) Police investigate 2nd cemetery assault in south Jersey.

13) Video Shows Brutal Attack At Sacramento Strip Mall:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A video shot in south Sacramento has gone viral and, in a word, it’s brutal. It shows a mentally disabled woman being mocked, spit on, then punched in the face at a Sacramento strip mall on Mack Road (ed: I haven't been able to bring myself to watch).

While the cowards merely make do with words:

14) Orlando Jones: 'If American Liberals Want Respect ... Kill Sarah Palin’

15) Kent St. Professor: ‘Death to Israel’.

Sadly, the upcoming election's now been reduced, to nothing but a TV popularity contest [with running Twitter commentary (f*ck me). As well a search, for stains, in Cain's drawers]. We most certainly aren't in Kansas anymore. No Sir, no Maam. And this isn't a drill (and I WILL keep telling ya mofo's). The Constitution is under direct fascist attack. This is all too real. The nation whole, in jeopardy most precarious. As toweringly deranged MSM busy themselves, building the ovens anew (but that it only were ... Kabuki Theater). They then light the fire [with one hand (while ushering in a crowd of Joos, with the other)].

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There's something solid forming in the air,
And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square.
No-one seems to care,
They carry on as if nothing was there.

The wind is blowing harder now,
Blowing dust into my eyes.
The dust settles on my skin,
Making a crust I cannot move in
And I'm hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's All Too Much

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So many links. So many sites. So many clips. So much news. Bout events troubling. Events disturbing [seeing the true face of the Islamists. Orgasmically beating Khadafi, to a limp bloody pulp (lots of khalifa goats went to sleep lonely, last night)]. It's all too much.

What can one do?

Turn off your f*cking TV's. Yes. Put away your iPads. Uh huh. And give your freakin Twidgits, a rest. Please. Even tune out Beck, and Rush? You betcha. T h i n k f o r y o u r s e l v e s. Limit your exposure to the endless nothingness. Yes, do read, do look, do concern yourself with.

But measure your dose.

Balance. Keep your balance. While everyone around, loses theirs. It is a black and white world (oh nooooo elmo .... you foogin, racist, teabagger!). Keep it that way. Right. Wrong. No middle ground. No areas of gray. No compromise. The deluge of bits, the tidal wave of info. The fifty foot onslaught ... of MSM/Reich Ministry propaganda, will drown you. Stay on shore. Feet firmly planted. Do not get swept away. Swept up in the blurred reality. That too much brings.

Keep it tight.

The GREATEST ENEMY the United States of America, HAS EVER KNOWN. Buraq Hussein Obama, is counting on your confusion. Your disillusion. Your tiredness. Your imbalance. T.E.A. or nothing. Be it Bachmann (and West), be it Cain (and West). Stand tall. Stand firm. Do not budge. Do not bend. Do not waver. Do not back down. Do not turn sideways. Do not flinch. These aren't words people.

This is reality.

TWO MONTHS. Two months mofo's, two. That's it. That's all. America has just two months to live (bet you think I'm joking). The caliphate's waiting ... in the wings ... to jump up and down. On her grave. Hang tough. Stay sharp. W a t c h y o u r s i x (again, I'm not joking). Stop any unneeded, uneccessary expenditures. Budget only for bottles (water), bullion (not soup), beans (I prefer black), and boolits (not pointed). And maybe, just maybe ... we will make it.

I know, it isn't easy. I know, really I do. Sickly I feel each day. Nauseous. As I peruse the insanity. Sometimes frozen with horror. Each of us must give something. Each of us must do. Each of us ... must act. Each and every one of us. Whatever muscle you can bring to bear. For our dearly beloved ... sickly, suffering, dying America. You bring it motherf*ckers.

That isn't asking for too much.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just vote ...

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Nothing else. That's it. You do not have to do ANYTHING else. N o t h i n g. Sure, yes ... you can send along some moulah, on the wire. To the candidate of YOUR choice, if you like (can afford). Perhaps giving to one who could actually use a lil dosh? Or of course ... volunteer and help out. Lubricate the workings, free up a stuck gear, as they try and gain some acceleration. Build some velocity. Exiting the corner, nailing the apex. Eyes/mind focused on the terminus ... the end of the straightaway (while the outside wall lingers mere millimeters away). The white flag unfurled above the line ... waving the scrum onwards. To complete the final lap of the tri-oval ... just only three caucuses/primaries/turns. Nothing more, nothing less (wham bam ... thank you maam).

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One lap. ONE (yeah, I know ... they're still deciding where to paint the lines). Forget 2012, and November thereof. ONLY two months, give or take (you can make it). And yes, this stupid mofo WILL reregister in time (for the Cali primary), having voted Repub, the last nine years.

I don't care who you like. Who you are going to vote for. Who you are going to support [my left foot, could beat Buraq Insane in the Membrane Hussein, in a write in campaign (it could sure use your Twitterific support!)]. No ... Romney AIN'T it. Sawry. But if'n he's your candidate? So be it. Fine. Xln't. We will take whom so ever flushes the six foot IslamoCommieTurd, down the traitor crapper. Makes no diff. We'll settle for someone who isn't scapegoating (yeah we will). The problems of America. Upon the few Jews, still left alive.

Yeah, sure ... it did in fact get Hitler elected (back in the last millenium). But now, now that we've finally managed to translate the Obama campaign manual: "Hope & Change"? Finding it merely an intergalactic cookbook (written of course, by the Brain Gobblers from the Planet Stinky Pinky).

Chapter One: Change [the dead (greedy) Jew out their expensive clothes and their gold filled teeth (post gas chamber)].

Chapter Two: Push the starter button on the bulldozer, then shovel the pile (of dead Jews) into the oven, and Hope [the Swiss aren't too distracted with their currency woes, to not take the time out. To buy some more gold (lots of gold). Once again].

How you get through your daily life? I know not. But however you manage, whatever you do in this life. Whatever course it may take. Whatever your obligations and responsibilities. Turmoil or hardship. Whatever your dreams (remember those?). You have but only one task in this life. You have no other.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

I don't like funerals ...

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Not since aways back, going to the service for a work associate, acquaintance. Who had left a mighty scar, on a giant roadside tree. Because no one was man enough, to take away his keys. His wife, mother to their infant son. So racked with grief, wailing. Chilled me to my bones.

And then, less than a week later, another person known to me, unexpectedly perished of this earth. Having performed for me, a kindness or two, oer the time I knew them. But I asked of myself, do I really want to go to two funerals, in one week? And the answer, informed my decision, not to attend.

I'm not rationalizing my not suiting up (literally ... shave, coat, tie, shoes shined), for another funeral. That just occurred. I weren't invited ... per se. Though I doubt it would have been a problem, of any sort imaginable. At all. But still, was required I be of some service, in escorting someone known to me, to the funeral. They being a long time friend, of the departed. Making sure that they arrived. In ease, calm, and comfort. So that they could say good bye. While I stood down, stood back. Not in attendance, and yet .... still there. As final goodbyes were said, as three volleys were launched. Signifying the passing, of one of WW II's more distinguished soldiers.

And as the slow, formal, Dress Blue march ... away from the grave. Carrying rifles, and sword. Disassembled. I was simply overcome. Not with grief, for the man who in war, answered the call with a majesty great (and who in life, performed a wondrous towering kindness, to the person in my charge). But in the knowledge that war. Great war is coming. With a speed no one can see. That no one dares believe. Because no one else, is man enough. To take away Islamist Iran's ... radioactive keys

Soon enough, there will lots of funerals.

Friday, October 07, 2011

A ray of light ...

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Events over the last couple of days, have in fact given me a tiny spot of cheer. Seeing a few individuals (wearing GOP stripes), FINALLY come to their senses. Christie (sneef), tearing himself away, from his magic mirror (on the wall). Rubio, standing up, standing tall. Letting us know where his heart lies, believing in the Constitution (though yeah, he could use a lil refresher on the First Amendment). And of course Sarah. Finally finding a means of prying her (Superglued) buns, off the pot (geebus). After digging her spikes deep into Bachmann's achiles tendon (from behind). While Perry was busy, contemporaneously stringing up, a neck high mono-filament clothesline (from in front). And all the while ... MSM's playing its latest and greatest version of ... find the missing word (usually Islam/Muslim, in ALL reports of terror attacks around the globe). Now, in ALL current reportage of GOP candidates/campaigns (hint: Bachmann).

I give Thanks (mind looking skyward, while head is bowed). What we've lost, in the interim, because of the endless mud churned? Too much. Way. And exactly what that be (there elmo)? A clear path. To ascension. A buttress against the rampant fear and uncertainty. Comfort in knowing the IslamoCommieJunta's days are not only numbered. But knowing exactly who will shove that boot, all the way up Buraq Hussein's *ss. Uniting behind the REAL Constitutional government, in exile. While dumping the unrepetant Islamist traitor's clothes (keffiyeh's) out, on the White House lawn (come January 2013). A period of frightening, chilling unease. Entirely needless it was (but no, don't listen to me).

But in that tiny sliver of light (Thank You L*rd), still not enough to vaporize every single last dark cloud, on the horizon [even Herman's answers yesterday, on Glenn's radio broadcast ("mess with Israel, you mess with me/U.S"), same]. For we not only have a full (cockroach) blooded traitor, in the West Wing. We have far too many double dealers, on this side of the aisle/divide. People, who for whatever reason (?). Are not honest brokers.

Watching Brett's broadcast yesterday (on Fox), was yet another powerful mind opener. Michele Bachmann, dispatching the all star squad with such stellar ease, grace, and calm. Destroying them (completely), without hardly lifting a finger. They unable to hold even the tiniest candle. Effortless it was. Though it seemed even Brett was a babbling ... and repeating himself (yes, he was). Though Congresswoman Bachmann ever so gently informed him, she had already answered his question (and had clearly done so, with potent accuracy and firepower).

But the most telling, saddening, was Hayes, of the Weekly Standard. We now clearly able to see, the Beltway's double dealing, cowardly ways. He, doing his Tavis Smiley impression (when Tavis was 'interviewing' Ann Coulter). Pointedly (and quite proudly) asking inane questions, as if in fact it were a real Presidential debate, among candidates. And Hayes himself, be one. Pedantically playing piddling lil pisher games of gotcha (how f*cking embarrassing).

So the last week or two, round the sphere, I kinda stood down (a tiny little bit). Everyone knows which hammer I hold. There weren't no point in pounding the same nail. But it was indeed warming, truly comforting ... to see Michele Bachmann. Reaffirming all of the reasons I believe she isn't just what we want. But is exactly what we need.

A leader of men

So shut the f*ck up already ... and drink your tea, b*tches.

I mean it.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Evil opens up one eager eye ...

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So much information, way too much [no ... I'm definitely not advocating for less (info), nor less democracy, nor fewer elections, tyvm]. And it's coming faster, yet again ever more furiously. A torrent, a deluge. And a mudderhubbard large share of it, pure unadulterated propaganda.

How to sort, how to process? Pick and choose people ... select. Do NOT try and glean meaning, from every single last granule of sand. Throughout the whole of infinity. Merely grab up one handful. Let it slip slowly ... streaming through your fingers. Watch the grains, as they fall.

So pray tell (dearest blog fooh elmo), what duzz yo grains tellya ... huh? Armageddon is here (sorry ... but it most certainly is). There is now no longer any reason to wait. Watching for any possible triggers (of any kind). No. Events are now already underway, gears be a turning ... inside the IslamoCommie traitor machinery, as we speak. OPEN YOUR FREAKIN' EYES MOFO'S ... NOW! And yes, do (pretty please with sugah on top). Keep your welding goggles handy. The apocalypse is just around the corner (and we ain't talking disco).

One postage stamp sized country, nine miles wide (at its narrowest). One. Itty. Bitty. Little. Tiny. Country. Has the balls. To put Islamist Iran, the destroyer of worlds, down. And for which Israel, will be dragged, hoisted upon the cross ... and crucified. As well every single last remaining Jew, in the world. There are no words to describe this madness. Nor the darkness that gathers. But rather than shop for some heavily discounted, future (glass) lake front property, in Iran? Mebbe get you some lead, instead (cock and lock b*tches).

And hang on ... anyway you can. No, it won't be easy. It really won't [as I've told y'all a thousand times already (maybe ya might wanna get on over to the pound. And rescue a puppy or a kitten?)]. It will be hard. Very (fascist Islamist regimes are like that). In a world where 'Wall Street' is now code (for greedy Jews). Where the Amish [yes, the Amish (and/or any religious conservatives in America)], are painted as stone cold killers . And al Qaeda in North Africa/Libya? Why they're our newest ... Bestest Friends Forever!!!

Stand up people. Even in the darkness. Among the insanity. In the midst of treason. Stand tall. That you may be counted. Do not flinch. Call out if need be. Do. We rise together. Or we fall apart. Never again, to climb out this evil abyssal. As the global Islamist war machine springs to life ... opens up one eager eye.