Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just vote ...

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Nothing else. That's it. You do not have to do ANYTHING else. N o t h i n g. Sure, yes ... you can send along some moulah, on the wire. To the candidate of YOUR choice, if you like (can afford). Perhaps giving to one who could actually use a lil dosh? Or of course ... volunteer and help out. Lubricate the workings, free up a stuck gear, as they try and gain some acceleration. Build some velocity. Exiting the corner, nailing the apex. Eyes/mind focused on the terminus ... the end of the straightaway (while the outside wall lingers mere millimeters away). The white flag unfurled above the line ... waving the scrum onwards. To complete the final lap of the tri-oval ... just only three caucuses/primaries/turns. Nothing more, nothing less (wham bam ... thank you maam).

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One lap. ONE (yeah, I know ... they're still deciding where to paint the lines). Forget 2012, and November thereof. ONLY two months, give or take (you can make it). And yes, this stupid mofo WILL reregister in time (for the Cali primary), having voted Repub, the last nine years.

I don't care who you like. Who you are going to vote for. Who you are going to support [my left foot, could beat Buraq Insane in the Membrane Hussein, in a write in campaign (it could sure use your Twitterific support!)]. No ... Romney AIN'T it. Sawry. But if'n he's your candidate? So be it. Fine. Xln't. We will take whom so ever flushes the six foot IslamoCommieTurd, down the traitor crapper. Makes no diff. We'll settle for someone who isn't scapegoating (yeah we will). The problems of America. Upon the few Jews, still left alive.

Yeah, sure ... it did in fact get Hitler elected (back in the last millenium). But now, now that we've finally managed to translate the Obama campaign manual: "Hope & Change"? Finding it merely an intergalactic cookbook (written of course, by the Brain Gobblers from the Planet Stinky Pinky).

Chapter One: Change [the dead (greedy) Jew out their expensive clothes and their gold filled teeth (post gas chamber)].

Chapter Two: Push the starter button on the bulldozer, then shovel the pile (of dead Jews) into the oven, and Hope [the Swiss aren't too distracted with their currency woes, to not take the time out. To buy some more gold (lots of gold). Once again].

How you get through your daily life? I know not. But however you manage, whatever you do in this life. Whatever course it may take. Whatever your obligations and responsibilities. Turmoil or hardship. Whatever your dreams (remember those?). You have but only one task in this life. You have no other.

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Blogger Ronbo said...

Elmo, Elmo, ELMO - you starry eyed idealist!

Yes, we will VOTE to drive out the Big Evil Anti-Semites from the government.

If there are honest ELECTIONS in the future.

Do not assume that the enemies of liberty will allow free elections to take place in the future.

Like Stalin said, "The important thing about elections is who counts the votes."

1:23 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

You got me :-)

Events now transpiring/conspiring with regard only ... to suckling evil. Propaganda, now dispensed/sold ... straight from the cooker (al Jazeera, RT/Russia Television, MSNBC, CNN, AP, ABC). At prices so low, the crackheads are confused/bewildered (hallelujah/praise the rockg*d, no more 3 a.m. copper runs!).

And now served ... 24/7. Across every virtual platform and device.

Two months. We wait. We watch. We see.

3:27 AM  

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