Thursday, September 29, 2011

Those greedy Joos!

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Carolina Garcia, editor of the L.A. Daily News, never disappoints. Ever. In her daily barrage of offal, launched from out the windows of her gilded Reich Ministry office [in Private Idaho (across the River Denial)]. Like the two paragraphs (first two paragraphs o n l y), she printed two days ago (in the atomic), on Tuesday (page A9). Now presented here, for your morning warm fuzzy.

Highly edited for clarity :-)

Two thousand years after they were written. Decades after they were found. The Dead Sea Scrolls were finally posted online, by the custodians of the manuscripts who monopolized them, Israel.

[I guess Israel still hasn't gotten the memo, everything in the country, belongs to the Pale's (and or the caliphate)].

And when that stanknasty piece'a filth Carolina, ain't squatting and sh*tting on Jews/Israel. She of course, is sugging hard (slurp), on that mooselimb meat. Like on the front page (above the fold), on 9/11 (of this year). Spotlighting a local member [of the B.R.M.D.C. (baby raping moong*d death cult)]. And how back when (ten years ago) ... how devastated they were: "To find out that people who claimed to be Muslim did this was horrifying" (cuz after all, everyone knows ... it was the Jews/Mossad who brought down the Twin Towers).

And at the bottom, of the same front page, that very same day, was the index: "The soldiers/Casualties continue to mount as open-ended War on Terror takes its toll (see page A17)". Cuz we all know it would simply be cheaper, to surrender to the caliphate [anyone know what one of them lil carpets (that gets humped 5x a day) costs?].

Or Monday last, on page A5: "Palestinian president gets a hero's welcome". Nothing new there, our sweet dear Carolina once put the Iraqi shoe thrower, on the front page, and also used the word hero (in mention/reference to same, in article). The constancy of her allegiance to the caliphate is truly disturbing. AP/Islamist propaganda piece (a doodie) after another. On Saturday, the 17th (nine days ago), we got: "U.N. approves Libyan seat for former rebels" (on page A13). Now, al Qaeda in North Africa aren't terrorists anymore, no. They aren't even fookin rebels either!

Even master terrorist Osama bin Laden, his very (fish sh*t) self, gets the instant/microwave revisionist treatment (Saturday. Sept. 24, 2011/This Day in History/page A2):

"Ten years ago: President George W. Bush ordered a freeze on the assets of 27 people and organizations with suspected links to terrorism, including Islamic militant Osama bin Laden."

It never stops, the daily installment of: Find the Missing Word. The sleight of hand, the misdirection, the obfuscation of the approach, of the caliphate. And the mainstreaming of hate. Of Jews.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Blogger Ronbo said...

Well we know now the Left Turd Islamist LA TIMES has at least ONE reader :-)

I understand they give away FREE copies at the UCLA Student Union building with no takers:-)

Personally, I like Glenn Beck's new television channel and his unreserved support for Israel and the Jews at THE BLAZE!

1:56 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Us poh folk, can't squeeze out the extry virtual ducats, for the internet video channel subscription (yes, even five bones). Making do with the morning a.m. radio, Beck broadcast (6-9 a.m PT). I actually only just started listening to ANY conservative radio, a couple months back (for real). When Glenn pulled down the drapes, and let the light into the Fox NYC studio for the first time. The day he left.

The Blaze didn't impress me, at start. Even dropped 'em a line aways back (I'm betting it went unread). Bout the beyond obnoxious, sticky popup ads (are you fookin kidding me?!). Yeah, the Blaze has gotten better. Much.

I read the L.A. Daily News for two reasons. The atomic ads (Tues. groceries, Sunday ... display ads). And to keep track, of the latest al-Qaeda Propaganda (Associated Press). Being that the paper's editor and publisher, are simply too cheap (stupid?), to write their own articles. They purchase most every word ... from the AP. Who are now completely, totally out of control.

7:20 AM  

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