Thursday, September 08, 2011

Palin Misplace Syndrome

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Yo peeps ... you're creeping me out (yes you are). This disgusting, filthy meme ... "electability." Lemme spell it out for ya (sit down, and shut the f*ck up):

Obama was electable! (yeah he was). Get yourselves a freakin clue. They're free (I'm buying). Please [we'll call that entreaty my tiny, token, dollop of honey (so generous elmo)]. The lid's about to come off a ginormous suffocating can of sulphur. And in the graveolent mist .... the world IS going to explode. Your world. My world. Our world.

Obama IS toast. Done deal (if you haven't figured that out yet? Then get the f*ck off my blog). We have a chance. One. Just and only. To save this country. To elect a leader we can trust. Not someone "electable" [maybe we should be looking at Kim Kardashian? Or uh ... Bart Simpson? How bout Snoop Dogg? [Teeties, Toons, Or Tokers (go Teeties!)].

But y'all go have a beer ... go on. Everything's fine. Just fine. Nothing to worry about [cuz Sarah's on her way (yay!). Yes she is (girl). On her magic sparkle pony (We're saved! All hail Sarah!).

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And, she's gunna save us from Frick and Frack's dueling wangfight (that girl is everywhere!). Get it straight people. The White House belongs to America. Not the IslamoCommieTraitor, who supra-constitutionally occupies it [yo Rushbo, brush up on the Natural Born Clause, please do (I'm sure Rubio IS a nice guy [Derek Fenton aside (snarf)]. It doesn't belong to only and just, one Sarah Palin. In some irreversible predetermination [you people are acting like the Oborg (and that is skeery)]. Obliviousness leads to ... oblivion. Helloooo.

We've got enough of that already, yeah we do (that little maggot) Carney: "Obama wasn't there. He didn't hear it" (Hoffa). Though seeing Eric Erickson (on Android Coopah), easily he is the creepiest creep of them all (no contest). And I was indeed amused, at the debate clip, Muslim State National Broadcasting Company played. Of Bachmann. So flattering it was. Her eyes closed, freeze frame/loooong continuous hold [Tina Brown/Newsweek/Daily Bestiality has got absolutely nothing on those MSNBC goat f*ckers (no Sir, no Maam [no Hermaphrodites])].

And yes, I duzz feel so much beddah, knowing that our future election ... furr President, of these (dis) United States. Is being decided ... on Twitter. Keep it up. And you'll get the twit ya deserve (another messiah, astride another magic sparkle pony).

F*ck me twice.


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The ugly cat for president!


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