Monday, August 22, 2011

the beginning of ....

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Watching Neville Chamberlain (David Cameron), this morning on al Jizz (it happens, sorry). Happy he was. Oh so. Brimming, beaming with pride at the fall of Libya ... to the caliphate (all thanks to the 12th mahdi/all hail the mooselimb messiah ... Buraq Hussein). Cameron radiant, glowing. Peace in our time. As if in that moment, he actually was bathing in the light of G*d.

Pure f*cking evil. He, like the T.I.C. (Traitor in Chief), cannot give al Qaeda in North Africa, $30,000,000,000 quick enough. You gotta be deef if you couldn't hear the concurrent rumbling, the deafening waves ... of Beelzebub's laughter pounding the earth. Y'all think positive thoughts, go 'head ... hold hands, sing kumbaya.

As the Reich Ministry now goes throttles full (locked). Cranking out that Islamist propaganda (like they were born goat foogers). T'would appear more an a thousand people are dead this week (1,300?). Trampled under foot. Tossed aside. On the run up to Tripoli. Discarded. With nary a thought, let alone even bother of a mention [(for violent extremists) you Tea Party people sure are touchy/feely].

All hail NATO's mission. To protect innocent civilian life. Yaye! Now, now it's just the Jews who are left. Who stand in the way of the Islamist caliphate. But of course my sweet dear realist ... the Reich Ministry is on the jay oh bee. Carolina Garcia, 'editor' of the L.A. Daily News: "Deaths threaten Egypt-Israel treaty". While EVERY other editor on the planet, used the word "test" [instead of "threaten" (and the Muslim Brotherhood have ALREADY abrogated the non-agression pact ... ain't worth the goat skin it's printed on [and the Sinai's now just a wide open lawless region. A staging area for direct attacks on Israel])].

See peeps, it weren't them filthy Islamist TERRORISTS [as in not protesters, nor militants (tyvm)]. Who slaughtered this side of a dozen human beings in Israel. Just the other day. With their very latest orgy of blood [and bits of brain, and pieces of guts (with near fifty more casualties)]. No Sirree Bob. It was them fookin Joo's (again). Having the freakin nerve, the unmitigated gall. The audacity ... to defend themselves against yet another barrage. Of hundreds of rockets into Israeli cities, towns, homes, and schools, that is the cause. Of all the troubles in the Middle East.

How stupid do you have to be? How f*cking deranged, disconnected from reality whole? Maybe it's some sort of contest (I dunno). To see who can be the biggest piece of filth on the planet? Or which member of MSM/Reich Ministry, has the most Jew blood on their hands?. Maybe they give out prizes? Carolina's certainly in the top fifty. A willing participant, beyond cowardice or treason.

Many (those that won't come right out and call Jews ... baby killers, to their face) do attempt to rationalize their disgusting, inexcusable behavior, yes they do. But not Carolina, she just keeps proudly publishing Islamist lie. After Islamist lie (Reich Ministry as Energizer Bunny). And Hollywood? Don't even ask (you already know).

And the IslamoCommieJunta, not merely content to give succor to Islamist terrorists/al Qaeda in North Africa. No. They ACTIVELY seek to destroy America, in the same lovely flourish of (Arab Spring) flowers. Destroy its citizenry, their health, spirit and will.

Destroy freedom of the press ... obliterate it. Because really, all we want is more pictures of the messiah frolicking in the waves, shirtless (Sir Larry weeps). Yeah. And then ice cream (I scream, you scream ... for picy's of the six foot tall Islamist cockroach stuffing ice cream, down its snout).

While everyone seems to be sitting on their hands, on the sidelines, waiting. Breathlessly, for Palin (on her magic sparkle pony). To save us. She, now like many, watching from her perch, atop the edge of the ice shelf. Waiting to see whether or not there are any polar bears in the water (look, Bachmann's still alive. Dive in, the waters fine!)

Save us from the vanishing dollar, free falling interest rates, quantitative easing, market volatility/instability, unemployment, inflation, biz climate/consumer confidence, runaway commodity prices, the UN's unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State (i.e. ... a declaration of war on Israel), Japan/Fukushima, and of course .. the exalted Arab spring:

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For anyone with harf a brain, and one eye that sees ... tis only Springtime for Hitler. No one except the Islamists are dancing. Soon enough, they'll be dancing ... here at home.

In cities America. Beware.

The orc's now roam the earth.

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Addendum, 12 noon

Encore maestro .... Springtime ... for Hitler ... and Libya ...


Blogger Ronbo said...

I've seen this movie before - and it ain't funny...

We will be going to war...again!

And/or the concentration camp.

Indeed, the Nazis are on the march again on this planet in a 21st century rerun of a "Springtime for Hitler and Germany" while our politicians wave useless pieces of paper and shout, "Peace in our time!"and do the appeasement dance for the barbarians.

Re-posted your article HERE.

I guess I'm stupid, but I won't join this new Nazi Party...I stand with Tea Party Hobbits and the Joos.

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."

2:18 AM  

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