Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fifty years ago ....


This week, up went the first bricks and blocks. Concrete and rebar, barbed wire and razor ribbon. Of the Berlin Wall's barricades and death zones. Unable to control the thoughts of the residents, of Eastern Germany. Their Russian overlords sought instead, to contain their minds. By simply imprisoning the vessels which carry them, their person. Behind a wall. Their minds ever free, but their bodies now trapped. For decades.

We ... the West, love Freedom, absolutely adore Liberty. But now ever so strangely, the Dems, libs, sweet nihilists, cute little anarchists (and yes those dear commies/socialists). Want to go back. Behind a new wall. Of thought. Locked in a mad embrace of fascism and Islamism.

Sadly, the generation upon has never even been taught to think. And ... unable to think, are unwilling to even try. They find it easier, to simply let others do their thinking for them. Drinking up every word, ravenously savoring every morsel, that the Reich Ministry toss' their way. Walling themselves off. Completely. From the Constitution. From America itself. Dividing us. Dividing this nation.

Together with MSM (in service to the caliphate), and the 6' tall magic Islamist cockroach Buraq Hussein, they are building an idiotlogical Berlin Wall, across America (as we speak). Their mobile 4G/dual-core microprocessors, have now become implant (rather than mere tether). Acting as actual atomic life, teleprompters ... where to go. What to do. Doing ALL of their thinking for them. Every last bit, every single little detail ... tweet, tweet (hey mate, there's another riot tonight, I'll swing by 'round eight an' pick you up).

The ties that bind ... that united us as Americans, have been broken. Severed. The larger part of the libturd nation, are now knocking back sulfur shots (one after the other), at Beelezebub's Brew Pub (say tarbender!). Then, after becoming incoherent, and passing out. They are carried away. Into a deep, bizarre IslamoCommie wet dream. A desperately welcomed respite, from having to think. Incarceration of the mind. Never to awaken. Now, derelect life forms, zombies. Worthless pieces of sh*t. Traitors.

Beyond strange, beyond frightening. A Berlin Wall of the mind is now going up across America. Across its entirety. Across the whole of its width, across the whole of its breadth. The beautiful, finely crafted die that once was. Is now broken. This great experiment, that the L*rd entrusted to us, some 235 glorious years ago. Shattered. Into countless bits and pieces. One precious wondrous nation ... no more. Where once we controlled our own individual destiny. Our shared destinies. No longer. We stand disbelieving, among this insanity. Against these delusional forces of darkness, who are destroying America.

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Dig in. Batten down the hatches. It is time for everyone, to get their house in order. Hell is coming (the sick, deranged pieces of excrement, are trying to figure out how to pull out the pin, now). How it all ends? You got me there. But some things, some things require eyes nought ...


As one side becomes more confused, more delusional, more deranged. The other? The other becomes enraged. You do the math.


Blogger Ronbo said...

What can I say?

Once again great minds think alike.

Indeed, the Right and Left in this country are two out of control trains running at high speed down in the same track on time for a head on collusion in the not so distant future.

And like the hate filled Southern slave owners and their willing stooges, it will be the Left that fires the first shots in the Second U.S. Civil War.

The next president should be prepared to be Lincoln.

BTW, once I was young and a soldier in the hot war in Vietnam and the cold war in Germany.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

There's a small piece of fiction I did a couple of years ago as a slap against the institutional paranoia of the Establishment.

However, I'll wager the U.S. Secret Service did actually send agents to Colorado looking for "Ronbo" and "Mr. Big" and "Galt's Gulch" LOL!

Yes, the the bad guys look high and low for the good guys while we watch them meltdown, drinking the coffee at Starbucks while posting our fiction on the Internet under phony names that is driving them nuts.

Question? How do you attack a ghost?

3:13 AM  

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