Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And so it begins ...


Nightime, November 9, 1938 ... Berlin. Now, now I know exactly what it was like. Exactly. To be in that moment singular. And hear the sound ... the sound of breaking glass. Last night, at six forty in the evening. Diane Sawyer, and the Arab Broadcasting Company arrived at my home unanounced. Armed with sticks ... armed with bricks, and torches and pitchforks.


At first I did not believe my eyes. Did not believe my ears (wait a freakin' minute ... those are MY windows!). When during a segment of the ABC World News, devoted to all things Breivik. (An off camera) voice over/commenter, mentioned Breivik and one Spencer (Robert). In one breath. The same breath. Asking of noone in particular (as filthy, stanknasty libturds often do), was it "right wing websites" that are the (direct) cause of Breivik's actions?

ABC not mentioning oh ... say ... Zip's site, noooh (exploded libturd cranium cleanup, on aisle three). But, showing a screen capture of (da Yid) Spencer's site, Jihad Watch. Spencer, firmly in the pantheon of (ever so) mild mannered, highly reasoned thinkers [like (da Yid) Daniel Pipes before him, also now being conflated with Breivik]. Brevik didn't slaughter nearly a hundred innocents, in frightfully chilling blood so cold. No.


It was the Jews.


Blogger Ronbo said...


The bad old days of the 20th century have returned for a 21st century rerun...

"First they came for the Jews..."

4:39 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

These f*cking freaks can't spell REALITY (even though it's already tattooed on their foreheads). History? Sheeet ... unless it's 140 characters or less, or appears on the YouTube? Might as well just forget about it. Lost, hopeless, hapless morons. But still dangerous. Quite ... ever so.

Reasoned minds look at the width, breadth, size and strength of this country. And surmise, she could not possibly be laid so low, by such filthy vermin (whose belly's lie even lower).

And yet, right before our very eyes, Lady Liberty hemorrhages, out the wound these traitors have thrust, deep into her side. November 6, 2012 ... is now lightyears away.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Ronbo said...

My friend, when I first started blogging six years ago one of the first article I wrote was one that predicted a Second U.S. Civil War due to many reasons, the primary one being that the American Left, like the wild eyed Dixiecrat radicals of the 1850s and 60s wanted a war in order to kill the all "Damn Yankees" who wanted to free their "property."

This is the same dynamic at work today. The Left hates people like us who stand in the way of their vision of a socialist American utopia with a passion easily read by anyone on websites like Daily Kos.

I do believe if we of the opposition had only one throat, any one of them would gladly cut it.

This being impossible, I think they secretly opt for the next best option in their sick, twisted and perverted minds: This is a bloody civil war in which they hope to put to the sword the different opinions.

2:28 PM  

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