Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crime of the Century ...

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Now they're planning the crime of the century
Well what will it be?
Read all about their schemes and adventuring
Yes, it's well worth the fee

So roll up an' see
How they rape the universe
How they're goin' from bad to worse

Who are these men and women of blood lust, fascist screed and inglory?
Rip off the mask and let's see

The darkness that is now descending upon the globe, around the world whole. The evil now that now gathers, with a speed most ferocious (masking the horror that awaits). Can be directly attributed to MSM/Reich Ministry. All of the blood that flows from this day forward. All of it. Every single f*cking drop.

Matters not which piece of Islamist filth (at the behest of his smiling friendly neighborhood imam). Removes which finger, from whichever spring loaded detonator. Wired to whichever anti-personnel bomb that's strapped to his torso.

Islamism has now been given carte blanche by MSM/Reich Ministry. Ideologically welcomed ... with arms open wide (more like on knees/wearing jewel encrusted platinum kneepads). Rallying support for the caliphate. Adding fuel to the fire burning under Islamism's cauldron of hate.

All the beheadings, all of the bombings that now follow, will have MSM's fingerprints. All of the countless innocents more … fed into Moe, Ham, and Ed’s fifteen story tall wood tall chipper, same.

The sickening nauseating traitor Buraq Hussein (and the IslamoCommie Junta), can give al Qaeda in Libya/North Africa $30 Billion. And, toss another $2 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (for good measure). And, NATO can bomb the less holy Muslim Ghadaffi [laughingly trying to install the more holy (radical/violent) fundamentalists].

But without the help of MSM/Reich Ministry/Associated Press/MSNBC/Carolina Garcia/CNN/CBS, t'would all be for naught. Their words/actions inflicting as much damage, as much carnage ... as any terror attack. Without their help [and yeah, we most certainly can include Zuckerpunch (in the) Facebook], we simply would not be in the danger we now are [or the horror unimaginable, we shall yet face (it’s coming people)].

Hawk up a mighty oyster ... present it to the face of one of these keyboard killers today. If it's the least thing you do in this battle? And yes, it would be a crime not to. Trust noone. Believe only in what YOUR eyes inform. What YOUR heart believes. Only what YOUR reasoned mind knows. It is OUR only defense.

The most valuable thing I own in this life, isn't even mine. It is yours, is her's ... is theirs. It belongs to any/every one whom so shall believe in it. Who shall take it upon their shoulders, to defend.

The Constitution.

Der Fuehrer and the Reich Ministry's attack from within, upon America (and the Constitution), continues unabated. Reality, truth, and reason provide no sustenance to these potted plants (and if they could just get rid of that pesky First Amendment, how pretty they would flower). Only lies, only propaganda keep these pod people alive (and after all ... without all the obfuscation, misdirection, omission journalism, fabrication, fantasy and delusion ... they would merely be Fox News).

However many Independents, Libertarians etc. trip and fall (over the jar of smelling salts). Getting out of bed the morning of Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (on the way to the polls). Or (on the same day) however many (African)Americans, realize Buraq Hussein ain't American. And those groups together (with us), in turn ... toss the IslamoCommie piece of traitorous excrement out, on his f*cking *ss.

It won't change the climate. The weather shall remain unchanged. Those aren't cats and dogs people, MSM/Reich Ministry will still be raining heavy liberal diarrhea down on you, on me, on the Constitution. And upon that which we hold most dear, this idea ... America.This disconnect from reality will still grow ever thus. 140 characters at a time.

And when these freaks wind that elastic band all the way (past double knots). They still will mindlessly continue to attempt to stretch it … even further (Murdoch's fault!). And when it snaps, it's recoil won't be subsonic. A mighty wail will be heard when reality hits the libturd nation, up side the head ... at 2,200 mph. But in that singular moment, they still will be unable to recognize truth, reason. And when the motor officer asks them if they got the plate number (of the dieselpusher motorhome that just ran over them)? They still will not be able to even spell the word (on the vanity plate) ... R E A L I T Y (let alone buy a freakin’ vowel).

Something's gotta give people. This cannot continue without consequences. It cannot. Something IS gunna snap. Yeah, sorry. There simply are far, far too many malevolent forces at work ... now in play. Many in concert, others merely synchronous. But this is no accident. Death Race 2011 is already well underway. The blatting rattling cacophonous wail of uncorked exhaust … soon to be bouncing off a city wall or building ... near you.

It won't be pretty. No. But my sweet dear drinker of tea, you ain' got nothin' to worry about ... cuz it's all Bush's fault (or maybe ... Prez Bachmann simply just forgot to take her Midol?).

In a (Associated Press) world, where Charlie Sheen's overt antisemitism, is now: "public ridicule of the show's producer." Where Iran is mere moments away from crossing the Rubicon [and stepping ashore (having now cleared THE most difficult hurdle, achieving 20% enrichment)]. Where the most insane, most stupid, most vile, most filthy kapo (Wasserman), offers herself up. As the poster child for der Fuehrer's reelection [if somehow she catches fire in a car accident? This Jew however, might deign to tinkle on her (just the kind of guy I am/And well) ... I wouldn't want to face a/any anti-good samaritan prosecution (now would I)]. To your face Debbie? Look me up, be happy to let you see what's in my eyes (I'm sure you won't mind if I pack my nostrils with Vic's first).


Blogger Ronbo said...

Islamic bombs and weapon's fire in Oslo, Norway yesterday...

It's the start of World War III...

Once again appeasement has not worked...

And Big Evil is loose on the world.

12:10 PM  

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