Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember when?


When Buraq the Magic Islamist Sparkle Pony ... wouldn't get caught dead wearing a flag pin? When Buraq Hussein wouldn't stand at attention, during the playing of our National Anthem? Instead of placing his hand over his heart, he stood with his hands clasped together, cupped 'round front ... holding his johnson. Those woulda been called clues. (As in biggins). And remember when he dug up Orwell, and put him in a chair. Propping his mouldered remains up on a stage, for all to see? And now ... now he's got a full time, paid assistant (a former German dancer, named Leni). Just to help out with all that tiresome statecraft.

JPEG/flags ... I need more flags ... get me some more flags!

JPEG/Buraq Hussein, May 10, 2011, ElPaso

JPEG/Buraq Hussein, May 6, 2011, Kentucky

JPEG/Buraq Hussein, April 20, 2011, PaloAlto

JPEG/Buraq Hussein, May 10, 2011, Austin TX

Shoot ... I remember when Chucklehead took all those books with him ... to the White House. Written by or about past Presidents. That were somehow going to teach him ... how to lead, how to be a man. How to be President even. Now, we see through Buraq Hussein. We see through the Reich Ministry/MSM too. G*d what a day Tuesday, November 6, 2012 will be (the election won't even be close).

But, we ain't outta the woods yet. NO, not by a long shot. As I already said ... week before last. There are no depths, that filthy Islamist traitor won't stoop to. None. And he will not stop ... the destruction of these United States. Will not stop for anyone, or anything. It is what he does. It is who he is. It is all he is. It is all he ever will be. No matter how much lipstick Maddow, Cooper, Meester Ed, lil Wolfie, Olberdouche, Lawrence (of Reseda), CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, AP, or Reuters put on that treif. Nothing will change that piece of porcine poop. But we ... we are gunna change him. Change him out. Though be many a year, before the stench fades.

Ohhh ... that feels GREAT!
JPEG/Chucklhead frees willy

Big war's coming. Better hold the f*ck on. Kahlid Sheikh Obama, 12th mahdi, head of the OIC, has got the reins. And he's not going to let go. What happens in September, will be like nothing the world has ever seen before. It's going to be hairy. Mighty f*cking hairy.

Start planning.


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