Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ding Dong (Daddy) ... the Wicked Witch is Dead

All hail Dorothy!
JPEG/kid's theater group

Easily predictable (the libturd orgy) ... and yet somehow I missed it (the prediction). Pelosi and a whole gang of other assorted six (hairy) legged creatures. At/on a podium/stage ... dancing, celebrating. Bathing in the light of Osama's death. Sure, not necessarily taking direct credit (themselves), but not too proud neither ... to at least share in it. And of course ... shower Buraq the Magic Sparkle Pony, with endless accolades.

Every minute, on every channel, nonstop. Uninterrupted for twenty four straight hours. And, as more an a few have already (snarkily) noted, we won. The global war on terror, is now over. And everyone can go home (just click the heels of your ruby slippers ... together). Islam has now experienced a complete and total reformation/transformation ... thanks to the Wizardry of Obama (the One, the Light, the Way).

Sickly, sadly ... the entire operation was managed. The planning and execution ... stage managed. Every last detail fed through a lens (optics). And from out which stemmed the overpowering nausea, I experienced yesterday morn upon rising (... first seeing Chucklehead, wearing the news like a platinum, jewel encrusted crown).

Obama, former extry special butt buddy to Van Jones. He ... unappointed/unapproved by Congress, yet still was a major domo in the White House. He of the firm (loud and proud) belief, the Twin Towers were brought down by .... Boosh and da Jews. So really, by Obama's own groupthink, would appear he ... Obama, got the wrong man. Ergo, yet again more Chucklehead Kabuki Theater. And the Monday Medal of Honor ceremony? Wow, just wow. Exquisite, masterful planning and detail. The totality. Forget the power of the Hubble's optics (I guess Bubba be bringing you coffee now huh ... Bambi?).

Heroes? Sure, you betcha. They know who they are. And quite often, don't give a rat's derriere whether or not anyone else knows it. Simply just doing their job (as perilously lethal it may be). They do however, come in all shapes, and all sizes. And their heroism can take many forms. And is not limited exclusively to valor (as it were), on a demarcated field of battle:

EPHRATA, Wash. – Ephrata Middle School teacher Gary Weddle vowed on September 11, 2001 to stop shaving until Osama bin Laden was caught. On Monday, after almost ten years, he finally shaved off his lengthy beard.

OK, so were off topic now (say it isn't so elmo) .... oond now in (ta da) Hollyweird ... where they duzz teengs a leel diff (ya know, different breed of cat and all).

"TV host and former 'Apprentice' contestant Jenn Hoffman says she was banned from the Chateau Marmont for tweeting about one of its celebrity guests."

Funny that ... kinda sorta seems like how they duzz it ... in the White House (what are the odds?): "Obama Administration punishes reporter for using multimedia".

So anyway, where were we? Oh right .... Ssshhh ... come closer [let me whisper in your ear (don't want anyone to get banned or anything)] .... sssh.


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