Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi ho ... hi ho ... it's off to hell we go

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And we are headed there at warp speed (Scotty). Yes, we really are (and I'll say it again). Madness all around, evil ... lurking. Too many Repubs now indistinguishable from libturds (and some of those freaks are in Congress!).

Each day America dies a little, then a little more. The wretched steaming pile/IslamoCommieJunta, that has situated/excreted itself. As the head of ... (overthrown) representational Constitutional govt., in these United States. Insures thus, guarantees it. Acting in ways that many ascribe as merely incompetence, ignorance, moronicity, inexperience, low skill/tool set. Or even ... hyper-partisan nothingness.


And it be Treason.

Too many millions are blindered to the danger. Showering with them on (their blinders). Eating with them, sleeping with them on. Ever proud, all too ... of their blindness. Unable to see the wound King Hussein has thrust ever so deep, into Lady Liberty's side.

Fused to their stressless leather recliners, anesthetized. Immobile in front of their glowing wall sized flat panels. Devouring the shite MSM produces (with slurpity relish). And actual cinema? Now only/merely an adjunct, of the Reich Ministry.

Our children are going completely deaf, neodymium earbuds permanently implanted in their canals ... Keisha telling 'em to take it off. Music (as it were), now only a fashion week stroll, down the runway (I'm too sexy for my keffiyeh). The simple lustrous beauty of a note ... gently caressing as it softly wends. Been replaced with sampled, vocodered, metronomic bombast. In six channels of Saturn V thrust (at ignition).

Each day America dies ... a little more. And they will not stop, they will not rest. Until they have completed their mission. So go ahead ... go on ... argue. How many billions to cut ... [38 or 61 (instead of trillions)]. Who's the best candidate. Whose Tea pot's bigger/badder (or whose blog). Then ... argue some more.

Virtual existence, has replaced atomic childhoods whole (Nintendo DS, iPad, Xoom, Wii, Rim, X-Box, PS 3). While the entirety of the caliphate (young and old), is now united [on Facebook and Twitter (ees vee all indoctrinated?)]. United as one ... kill the Jew!

We are in deep, deep f*cking trouble. I see no blue sky on the horizon. I'm not quitting, NO. I'm not surrendering. Though my heart heavy. Weary, as I watch the life blood drain out of my country. Nor will I will go quietly into that good night.


We gotta country to save.

All else? Is utterly meaningless. IS nothing. Distraction from the horror unfolding. Turn away if you must, remain silent if it pleases. Hide, run, panic. Even ... turn on your own (go ahead). Each day America, she grows a little weaker. A little more pale. A little more cold.

As the enormous oceanic debris field ... of radioactive houses, cars, and human body parts. Makes it way to our shores from Japan. Indoctrination, subjugation, fascism, violence, torture, slavery, murder, and wholesale slaughter. In the name of Moe, Ham, and Ed [and their flat pack of Charmin (the Koo Koo Ka Choo-ran)]. Approach from the East, and are in fact already at our front door ...

Knock knock.

Uhhh ... who's there?


Uhhh ... Imam who?

Ima gunna kill you ya f*ckin kike!


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