Sunday, February 27, 2011

It'll End in Tears

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From here on out ... it is ALL bad news. There will be no respite ... no reprieve. From from the unraveling of the fabric of existence. From the crushing destruction, now afoot across the globe. Darkness ... forcing its shadow oer the land. A giant, wicked, burnt, gnarled black hand ... wildly scraping ... fiercely digging at the face of the sun.

As Libya further descends into anarchy (you know ... political unrest/young demonstrators/anti-govt marchers/Twitter-Facebook-Jasmine rebelution/youthful protests). CNN/CBS/MSNBC/AP continue on their journey ... on their mission [from their libturd G*d (with a flashlight clamped between their teeth, and their hands firmly nailed to their buttocks)] ... to find their *ssholes.

They of course ... won't succeed [but then ya already knew that, right (juss take a peek at say ... NHK World/Newsline's nightly broadcast. Wherein our dear, near Pacific friends, read IRNA releases. Straight. Verbatim. With no chaser)].

Sure, you can offer up (some) pointers. But to no avail. They aren't merely less than blind. They ... obviously ... are party to this madness, this living waking nightmare. In however many days, weeks, and months ... a little dust will settle. And lil bits'll begin to coalesce. We'll begin to see more clearly ... the emerging unions and alliances. Taking shape across the whole of the Islamic Middle East.

And CNN/CBS/MSNBC/AP (Muslim State Media/MSM) will (still) be loudly trumpeting the arrival (buy that Stork a drink), of all the brand new bouncin' baby Duh Mock Crissy's (do we order pink or blue? ... like ummm uprisings are so uplifting ... rebels are just soo dang cute). Instead of a healthy, strapping, screaming (Islamic green) ... caliphate.

It is all bad news from here on out. All of it. But MSM will dutifully be painting that giant, knee buckling odious turd, by hand. With 24k solid gold leaf. From here on out, all you will hear from MSM, is good news. And all you will see ... is smiles (Hellooo Ben Wedeman). All you will hear is denial. Of reality. Entire

Howard Kurtz (CNN/Wapo/Bestiality Daily): the rape of Lara Logan, by TWO HUNDRED Islamists (shouting Jew! Jew!) ... wuzz just a pigment ... of your I-magic nation [well ... a conspiracy really (and quite the admirable propaganda coup). By umm ... uh ... the Egyptian military (you know ... same dookie [Oprah protege] Rosie O'Donnel peddles: steel doesn't melt, ergo ... Jews/Mossad musta taken down the Twin Towers [she read it on the Gewgle, so it must be twue])].

Of course ... all dat happy happy (hippy hippy) joy joy ... may be interrupted ... tonight. With weather and (thermal?) underwear reports ... from the Oscars [poor dears (but keep your eyes peeled for Mel Gibson, on Charlie Sheen's arm. Stopping on the red carpet to promote Charlie's new flick [in theaters March 18]: Those Kikes Only Paid Me Two Mil a Week ... [for twenty four weeks (you do the math). But (fook me) my crack/ho habit is three])].

MSM WILL shave the caliphate's butt, AND teach it to walk backwards [put a purdy ribbon on it too ... (even a spritz of cologne)]. The world HAS broken its axial restraint, it now does wobble ... not merely a little. Nor only a tiny bit (eccentric). No.

Deafening. Violent. Global. Islamic revolution. And it's gunna hurt. It's gunna f*cking hurt ... a lot. And yes, MSM will be dutifully reporting ... that that muzz'e deek, shoved in your mouth. Is a yummy lolipop. How all this merciless insanity ends? Where? When (if ever)? I can say this, with certainty:

It'll end in tears.

As Commandant Sitzpinkler, takes time out (from the endless White House parties in DC, and on the West Coast). To appoint a new Social Secretary [and EVER so proudly wag his weenie at John Boehner (how ya like me now b*tch)].

Beauty ... and joy ... will take leave from our world (take what little you can ... where and when ... you can find it). Whilst I ... filled with revulsion (as in ... NOT high on Islamic revolution). Will encounter the hardest task of my entire life (without measure).

To look to the heavens, each day. And each day, scan. Somehwere ... anywhere ... for a tiny patch of blue.


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