Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pop Goes the World ....

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This is it people. The real deal. No lie. Now, there is no question in my mind ... NONE. Big war IS coming. And it is going to hit real f*cking hard (war is like that). Global conflagration, beyond anything we have seen before. Anything we have known before.

the future's so bright ...jpeg

Be the f*ck ready. Please. You won't be any help to anyone, if you ain't. The speed with which it is taking place? Frightening ... its very self. In the blink of an eye, the caliphate has grown and morphed exponentially. And will continue to expand ... climb.

And the West? Now in near vertical descent. I didn't think it would happen so fast. I didn't think it would be so wide, so encompassing. But it is. It really is. Exclamatory. Emphatic. Here. The caliphate. Course ... the only ones who can't see it? CNN/CBS/ABC/PBS/NPR/MSNBC/Reuters/AP/NBC [and well ... it is in fact difficult to see (if your eyes are bulging all the way out of their sockets, while you're choking ... on that muzz'e deek)].

Or simply too drunk to care, too drunk to notice. Drunk ... drunk on your own magnificence. High ... on your own visionariness.

Here's to the caliphate!jpeg

Or maybe openly proud .... celebrating the death and destruction yet to be [under cover of merely trying to censor and control the debate (or ... failing that, just pulling the freakin plug ... on the whole net)].

Yay IslamoCommies ... go team!jpeg

Saluting the new final solution/banging the Muslim State Media drum/taking up grade school Islamist talking points, one day. As Assbamador Rice, votes against the resolution, the next [because Khalid Sheikh Obama realized. It would bring him all the way. All the way out. Of the Islamist closet (so, coward that he is ..... we get yet another installment of ... Chucklehead's Kabuki Theater)]. And well, it is not reminiscent of Goebbel's Ministry of Propaganda. No. It is its rebirth. For it now is alive, and breathing, once again.

Community organizers meet, at the Muslim Brotherhood  bldg., in downtown Cairo.

So sing it with me ... sing it now ... sing it loud ... sing it proud (and maybe give me an oompah beat):

Ninety-nine dead Jews in a pile, Ninety-nine dead Jews.
Rip its teeth out, shove it in the oven, Ninety-eight dead Jews in a pile.

Of course, you could just just surrender now (for all the good it will do ya).


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