Saturday, November 27, 2010

I woke up laughing ....

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Shoot .... I busted a gut, with loud raucous laughter, yesterday afternoon (when first hearing the nooze ... Bambi got an ouchy/owie). Was as if the powers that be, hanging out in the ether ... really wanted to see me smile (for whatever reason). And smile I did, a big ginormous smile unto the heavens. Beaming that joy right back, in gratitude. Bambi looked so pale, so ashen, so ghostly (my eyes like saucers). His world, well and truly ... was rocked. The manly hoops legend, looking like nothing more than someone's lost (crying) five year old, at the county fair [and yeah, I have played the court at Venice Beach, TYVM (though it took three straight uninterrupted months, of daily shoot arounds, to get picked to play on my very first squad. And of course ... didn't touch the brick once, but we did win)].

Later, yesterday eve, caught a few more minutes ... of Dub, doing another interview. This time with Billy O' ... in a more composed setting, than with Sean H. And of course, his calm, his measure, meter, reason ... giving me pause. Making me question my virtual/written intemperance ... yesterday. Would appear Dub thinks/believes we will at least make it to Tuesday, November 6, 2012? Of course ... he does have the benefit/experience of a different perspective, on events unfolding (no snarf required). Me, not so sure. Not so confident. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate his now growing, rather exquisite ex-Presidency.

I'm unable to suss, unable to see ... where this path leads. Unable to gleam ... the unfolding cube before us. Though my (easy) prediction yesterday, of Young Kim being emboldened, indeed ... already proven true (in less than twenty four hours).

Sure, we want the White House in 2012. F*ck yeah. And Bambi expiring before then, could influence same? But, as I've said countless times in the past twelve months, I really don't know if we'll make it that far?

And looks like plenty'a bustle already ... at the starting gate. I'm not qualified to handicap, just not that cemented to the data stream. I like the expanse of Newt's facile political mind, certainly. And for the very first time, feel that maybe Sarah, might be just a wee tiny bit over exposed (this week)? But, that doesn't mean, we would be where we are, without her. Carrying untold acre feet, of our heavy water, for us. This past two years. And, she did come out of the Nov 2 gate swinging ... the right bat ... quite easily stroking the ball past the infield. Making it plain, making it clear ... where she stands (even the blind). And, it ain't with the IslamoCommie traitors, now soiling the West Wing. Destroying this Nation. With vim, with vigor. From within.


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