Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What the f*ck are you doing here?



NOW (Don't make me come over there ...).

Today's front page, from none other than turdmonkey extraordinaire ... Carolina Garcia, editor of the smelly IslamoCommie rag, duh L.A. Daily News:

"Likely Congress gridlock could threaten economy"

"ANALYSIS: Nation will be hurt by stalled legislation."

Ooogy Boogy Booh!

Didn't read the AP shite ... like I need to?

If it is the last thing you do in this life.
And with your very last breath.
(Or) however many years more, you may happen to dwell upon this mortal coil?
You will be able to truthfully answer.
The question ... 'Did you vote ... in 2010?'
You will be able, without hesitation.
To say yes.
And hold your head high, aloft, proud.
Heart beaming, filled with pride.
That you answered this Nation's call.
Even if it may be ... with your very last breath.

Now get the f*ck out and vote!


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