Friday, October 15, 2010

Odds and Ends ....

Caught a few seconds of Madcow last night, around 6:20 pm pst.
She getting jiggy widdit ... the DOD saying they will abide by the judge's ruling (effective immediately). And ... as she mooed her pleasure, she had an NV bottle of the Widow, in her hooves. And began to open it (I didn't stay for the finale). One would think she'd be spittin' mad, at Gates/Holder/Chucklehead's announced plans to gain an injunction? But of course my dear little blog reader .... you would be wrong.

Just a bit earlier, had the flat panel resting on the Commie News Network. And saw Client Number Nine, interviewing the begging buggerer, for a few seconds. And goes without saying, Andy reaffirmed his affection for Bambi, as well. Only able to muster some mild disappointment. What COWARDLY UNPRINCIPLED FILTH Maddow and Sullivan are.

A few minutes later, 'round 6:25 pm pst, scoped Hannity, with Daschle on. And Sean, asked Tommy .... if he could name THREE Dem candidates, who were running ... on their support of HCR? You know ... "The Single Largest Piece of Social Legislation in Eighty Years!" And poor leel Tommy couldn't do it. Though he did name two ... and was beamingly Proud!

Getting to the news' hour proper, at 6:30 pm. All three 'networks' led with housing/foreclosures (ya know ... 'greedy bankers'). Though I will give Katie a whole 1/8 point (credit), for her second story, being the Florida judge's ruling on HCR. 1/8 point, because she devoted maybe twenty five or even thirty whole words to CBS' coverage. And no, that is not an exaggeration, sorry. If you blinked .... you missed it. No context, no meaning, or even a hint of the ruling's impact. Truly ... quite impressive denial [or maybe they just can't see the iceberg ahead, in the dark (snarf)]. Though I'd still tend to go with derangement/clinical mental illness (without any question/qualification).

In the middle of Katie's 'broadcast', she trotted out some statistic. That 40% of all voters are now 'Independent' (whatever that means). As if the stat has any meaning, any at all. Any relevance ... to the approaching hundred foot tsunami, that is about to to crash upon these shores. Somebody wake up Katherine Tchaikovsky, and tell her the news (on second thought).

Just to show I'm fair and balanced, I'll give Arab Broadcasting Co's Sawyer, an 1/8 point too. For covering the brutal, merciless slaughter of a human being, on Falcon Lake [but take it back, for not disclosing the true nature, of the death, of the investigating officer (Sawyer/ABC ... yet again just more cowards, filth)]. She then went on to the Cheney non-apology 'story'.

As I had alluded to early yesterday, in comments over at Jim's. There indeed was just about zero coverage of the Florida judge's ruling, on HCR. No, I didn't watch every minute, of every network's coverage (yeah, it's possible there was more ... I just didn't see it).

And yet (at the seven o'clock hour) .... Greta led with it! Employing clear, powerful, hard working, in depth coverage (patriot, great American).


More odds and ends:

Thurs, Oct 14, AP's This Day in (Re)Writing History ...

Ten years ago: Two hijackers seized a London-bound Saudi Arabian Airlines jetliner ... taking it to Syria ... then Baghdad, where they surrendered peacefully (you know, they were merely bored ... and just went out for a little joyride).

'Obama related to Palin, Limbaugh'

Just more disinfo, obfuscation, and misdirection. Kinda trying to give/impart papers to the whelp. You know, that f*cking piece of traitorous filth, who has insinuated themself into the West Wing. And still ... is NOT a citizen, of these United States. Is NOT constitutionally eligible. Period.

'Election 2010' ... 'Black vote may sway 20 races for house'

"Polls indicate many minority voters are discouraged and won't turn out Nov. 2 as they did for Obama two years ago, yet a solid showing among blacks could still swing several House, Senate and gubernatorial races, according to some analysts."

Because after all ... the color of your skin determines how you vote (and not the content of your character).

Caught just a few secs of "Chucklehead's Town Hall Meeting” as well. Weird and freaky it was (though in today’s atomic, the AP doin’ their best to cover for him ... as usual: “What emerged was a sharp genuine question and answer period”). And well ... do any of you know anyone under thirty, who owns a sportcoat? (Let alone wears).

And so it goes ....


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