Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say it to my face ... you f'ng piece of sh*t

Yeah You Chucklehead!jpeg

"As Congress moved toward a messy end to a session fraught with partisan fire, President Barack Obama campaigned for Democrats in Iowa and Virginia, accusing Republicans of being dishonest ..."

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

"Obama addressed all those concerns, and more, during his two-day, four-state tour ..."

The messiah spoke!

"Despite all his mingling with middle class voters, however ..."

OMG ... Obama had to mingle with white people (aaaaaaaah!).

"he repeatedly pivoted from a voter's question in order to fire criticisms at the GOP's record on taxes, student aid, even home weatherization."

Translation: don't f*ck with my chalking gun ... b*tches!

"Showing some frustration, Obama said: 'Your taxes haven't gone up in this administration'."

Translation: It ain't November Third yet is it? So STFU already.

"The president said that some manufacturing jobs won't come back and the parishioner might need to develop new skills to work in growth sectors like clean energy."

Translation: eat cake!

"Even in an election season, the president said, he can't always tell people what they want to hear."

Why stop now twinkletoes?

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

"Sunday at a tea party rally organized by actor and singer Pat Boone and some of his neighbors in Beverly Hills. They were Hollywood producers and actors, pastors, politicians ... "

Funny that, the article doesn't mention ONE single politician.

"The crowd was mostly white and older ..."

Say it isn't so Vicky Kim!

"another carried a frilly pink umbrella"

Oh the humanity!

"Many carried ... flags ... and signs criticizing President Obama."

OMG ... they're criticising the president!

Lather, rinse, repeat ...

UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

Now I'm finally beginning to understand all the Green crappola/nonsense .... Green environment/earth/movement/jobs/products/companies .... it's a Martian plot! (You heard it here first!).

YouTube direct link/URL

Finally got around to watching the Obama slave speech. And ... my first response was ... oh OK, I get it. A vote for the Dems on November Second, is to end slavery. And a vote for the Repubs, is to continue it [though I thought for sure George Clooney said he/Hollywood had already freed the slaves? (during his Oscar acceptance speech)].

On NOVEMBER SECOND ... one hundred thirty million AMERICANS ... will go to the ObamaCareClinic. And get themselves an Obortion. And guess what ... afterwards we're gunna have one big f*cking party.

YouTube direct link/URL

Believe that!


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