Sunday, September 12, 2010

F'CT ..... Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!

Obviously, the fair use/copyright (karaoke) 'version' is on display, above (and no need to bother 'watching'). But, do the linky ... for the original thirty four second clip (ya won't be sorry).

Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh My!

I make a large point (in my personal/atomic life) to not turn on the TV, until the very end/completion of my day. After having spent however much time online, breakfast ... lunch ... (a spot of) afternoon refreshment ... (and penultimately ... most often) platterspinning. So, as much as I wanted to catch any of the a.m. 9-11 events, in real time (those that did not have KSO or Dum Dum in attendance anyway). I deferred, as is my usual wont/m.o.

But, I didn't want to miss any coverage of Pamela and friends. I didn't think there'd be live, complete coverage. Though, I thought a chance maybe C-Span [nope ... Chucklehead (taped) speach] . Or, at least some extended snippets/breaks from/at the GZ Mosque site. During any of the multitude, of network broadcasts.


Starting at 12:30 p.m. PST (already a half hour into the GZ Mosque hoedown).

There was nothing.

Lemme spell that out for you N O T H I N G.

And continuing, for two hours ... three hours ... nothing.

At the most trusted name in shoes, CNN (Commie News Network/C*cksuckers and No Nuthins), after passing one o'clock. We had 'Fred White' in studio, as talkin' (horse's) head. Switching back and forth to a location 'reporter' [who was so beamingly happy, to carry the disinfo flag, for the home team. It looked like she really was going to wet herself (no sheet/furreal)]. We got: "gathered crowd ... over two blocks long, just finished" ... yada yada ... blah blah ... Christ was there [yeah he did walk on water/and yeah we did drink wine (it's the coolest trick ever, to watch him wave his hand over the bathtub ... presto ... Cabernet!)].

And I thought to myself, well that's a little odd. (The event) ending so quickly. And really small crowd (described, not shown). And ... strangely ... the camera (and 'reporter') are nowhere near, nowhere within sight, of the demonstration [I didn't see, wasn't shown one s i n g l e American flag (needless to say, I was expecting an ocean of Red, White, and Blue)]. And then ... I realized, she was reporting (as it were) ... on the counter demonstration.

So ... I sat ... I watched ... I waited ... for CNN's coverage of the Ground Zero Mosque protest. And I didn't have to wait long, here it came (yeppers, drum roll please): "still going on".

That was it.

The sum total of their coverage. Though they (ever so) generously cut away to some short, tubby, brow beaten, sweaty, mildly agro type (in the street). Arguing ... with some cool, casual, samson locked, suave, patient, learned type. I'm sure you can guess who, was on which side (no prizes). Other channels? Yeah ... right.


Everyday. Every hour of every day. For weeks. For months. We heard (over and over again): "Ground Zero Mosque controversy." "Ground Zero Mosque protest." Ground Zero Mosque demonstration." We musta heard it at least 100 times in the last week alone. And easily more than 300 times in the couple of weeks preceding [without exaggeration (even Chucklehead graced us [from on high] with some dribble, out his pie hole)]. Muslim State Media (MSM to you and me), 24/7 they fanned them flames (burn ya f*cking Islamaphobes, burn).

But actually covering the fire they started? You must be joking (my dear). On other channels, plenty of coverage of Chucklehead speechifying (and his reg'lar/normal dookie shuvl'n). But wait, it got better (say it isn't so elmo). Back to 'Fred White'/CNN ... she had a gang of [Euro? (I wasn't man enough to keep the sound on)] talking heads on (chyron/static underbanner: "How the world sees us"). I'm guessing some of her (Journomooselimb) brothers and sisters. Regaling us, with how religiously intolerant the U.S. is [no, really, ya can't make this sh*t up (and no, I didn't listen to a single freakin word. And truth be told I ALWAYS turn down the sound/change the channel/cover my eyes [or the screen] whenever [that piece of excrement] Khalid Sheikh Obama is on. I mean everytime)].

The sickness. The madness. This cynicism most foul, of trotting out the Constitution. So as to attempt to hide behind it, in order to destroy America? Evil just is. My G*d. If somehow, we fail on November Second. It is over. It is all over. The end of Democracy. The chillingly cold blooded murder, of the United States of America.

Moving along ... a little later ... at 2:40 p.m. PST ... I nearly had a stroke. When the (we make up the) History Channel, gave platform/airtime to ... (better grab hold something) a 9-11 truther [during (part of) some program ostensibly about 9-11?)]. He, going over a number of the (Stromfront) talking points, of how (not mentioned, but implicit none the less) Joo's planned, over time. Then carried out ... the destruction of the Twin Towers. Yeah, wow. Broadcast on 9-11.

Later ... when finally ... I'm drowsily headed for some zzz's. And I'm going back, in my mind, over all the day's imagery of KSO. And even the last few days [the six foot cockroach, standing in front of rich gold curtains etc. (filled me with great longing)]. And I ask myself: "has he ever ONCE said ... G*d Bless America?" (I won't even check. If I'm wrong? ... I'm wrong)].

Hiring (as it were) Khalid Sheikh Obama, to run the country. Is like giving the job of mohel to Mel Gibson, at your nephew's bris [seemed like a right jolly good idea (when you were snorting big fat rails, of boogah sugah, at the VMA after party)]. I talk a lotta slap (no sheet surelock). But I have produced a (very tiny smattering) of (feature) news, on Los Angeles television [back in duh day. Even getting pancaked a time or two (before current [I assume] airbrush)]. The grizzled veteran journalists, whose wings provided shade, in the Very Short (exclam) time I was there. Would Not. Could Not ... believe this disgrace. That now masquerades as news. And now, most certainly are (at warp speed) spinning in their graves.

The ease, the rapidity with which the 4th estate, has become the 5th column (the totality). Is really, really, really, really scary. The left's/msm's HATRED of their fellow citizens (the right/tea party/conservatives/Christians/Jews). Is greater than their LOVE of country. And their love, for their hatred, the very air that they breathe.

So, had the tube (as it once was) on, for just a moment, while prepping a cuppa joe, this a.m. And CNN's already at it, again. Some sort of instantaneous, video planetary realignment. Today is 9-12! Today is 9-12! .... Today is 9-12! They, giving us a boatload of coverage, of the day's events. We're talking beeeg boat ... telling us what the weather's like in DC. The exact location (and directions) to the event (!). Sharing with us the anticipated 'mood', signs, recommended attire (weather), likely 'message'. On and on, and on and on. So ... I sez to meself (as I often do) ... wtf? And then I get it. Oh yeah ....

9-11's already forgotten (poof). Done. Finished business. Sing it with me now ...

Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!
Filth and Cowards and Traitors! Oh my!

I'm not a lawyer (barely a blogger). But methinks it be time to start studying the Federal statutes on treason. And no, I'm not joking. [This post up, without any prescan of the sphere. Without even a peek, as to how the GZ event went up/off. And I haven't a clue. Not one. Having not seen one photo. One vid. Or one account yesterday, on MSM (but fair to say, I'll take a peek in a bit)].

51 days nows. Just and only. Judgement Day approaches. Easily, one of only two or three (or four). Of THE most important days, in the ENTIRE history of our nation.


March muthaf*cka's .... MARCH!!


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