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Associated Press .. CNN .. MSNBC .. LAT's .. NYT's ..

Bruised, beaten, downtrodden ... despaired. Filled with stress ... anxiety (George Burns: two a day whether I need 'em or not). Yes, the printing of the playbook just the other day, most certainly did give me a lift (no fookin sh*t). And one woulda thought ... would keep me, sustain me, at least until November Second. And it will. I'm not giving up.

EVER ...

Judgement Day IS at hand (will be here ... in the blink of an eye).

But the daily barrage, the daily onslaught. Weighs so heavy. Sickness, evil ... all around us. Everywhere we look, madness. Lucifer's wee widdle wuvlies ever so proud of their derangement. And all us cons ... are extremists, bigots ... and of course dare I say (dare, dare) ... raaacists!

And Bambi?

Now he's everyman/everyfather ... the new (new) narrative. (jpeg)

How ya like me now?
Jim Anderson his very self. (jpeg)

Chucklehead tain't a liar, no. Nor a corrupt, felonious Chicago pol. Nor commie, nor clown ... tool/fool, fascist freak, or Islamist (nope). Iran isn't ascending to become destroyer of worlds (nope).

The libturd nation aren't going to stop. They will repeat these lies ... until they really are blue in the face. Continue to carry the Islamist baton. Marching. Steadily sounding the azan drumbeat (watch where you stand, lest Barry Soetero get a raging hard on). Delegitimising the State of Israel at every opportunity, without fail. Hoping beyond hope, Iran does get the bomb [by all accounts (complete total universal agreement) ... an event which is now only months away].

They so utterly deranged ... will not back down ... will continue their depraved assault. Their minds diseased/infected. Their hearts no longer pump the vital oxygenated blood of humanity. But the yellow pus fluid. Which carries death and destruction. Freaks. Six foot tall bugs, insects.

Eveready ... to stab their fellow Americans ... in the back. Without compunction, proud (boycott Arizona. And while you're at it? Them kikes in Israel too!). Where did this infection come from?

Al Qaeda Propaganda jpeg

Yeah, obviously we know ... all too freakin sadly. We know what incubates it, what the vectors are .... [feel free to enter AP, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, LAT's, or NYT's as search term (of this blog). In upper left search window].

And at this point, one would have to seriously consider that RICO act fraud IS underway at the AP. No bull (simply not possible for any other explanation, for the constancy of bias, lies and propaganda. The totality ... as somehow being coincidental, not organized, not intentional, not planned). They simply no longer a business, let alone a news organization. But an assembly line. A factory. Which exists only to manufacture propaganda. And LIES. In support of their own personal politics. In support of the fascist state, dear leader and his mooselimb junta. MSM, and most all the nation's newspapers (which carry/run Associated Press shite unedited) ... are now merely divisions, of great armies. Foot soldiers spreading, disseminating ... a most foul, sick, evil mental illness.

Hitler's Willing Executioners.

MSM/Libturd Nation's madness, insanity, and delusion so great. Thinking (as it were) they be evah so clevah. Sweet, dear little (mere) partisans. They are pure f*cking filth. And the morning of November 3 (shoot, the eve of Nov 2). Their (oh so) mournful wails, and wall of tears will be heard/seen. All throughout the land ... Diebold! Fraud! Aaaaah ... I've got blisters on my brain!!! (from so much mental mastrubation). I got news for you pieces of sh*t:


Wanna call me a racist to my f a c e (even a broken clock/2x per day)
.... I'll break yours [cuz ... well ... I just love process cheese slice, on white, in a baggie (woyd)]. And Coulter and Farah? Get a f*cking room already ... cripes.

Intolerance? Hate? Bigotry?

Just look into the faces. The face of Aisha Tyler, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Stephanie Miller, Tavis Smiley. Next time you see any of these *sshats on television. Turn down the sound. And simply watch. The anger and rage boiling over, the loathing seething out (their eyes) ... towards their fellow Americans.

Time was, everyone was entitled not only to their own individual opinion. But their own different opinion. The great thing about America ... we are all different. But, we usta agree ... to disagree. Accepting our differences as healthy, as normal. But the left, the libwuhls, secure (in their derangement/delusions) .... locked behind the tall, electrified fences of Private Idaho (while merrily flinging doo over the wire). Now ... know only treachery. Know not the truth. Fear it, obfuscate it, cover it up. Destroy it.

AP, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS,, WikiLeaks, NYT's, LAT's, and the L.A. Daily News, all destroying the bedrock foundation of a free democratic society. An informed electorate. Purveyors of nothing .... cept a morally bankrupt ideology. Corrupt traitors. Cowards. Filth.

We truly live in dangerous times .... this is war people, real war, not make believe. Not hyperbole. REAL F*CKING WAR! An Islamist apologist/sympathizer/supporter/enabler/believer ... now corruptly/feloniously occupies the White House. And ... who ever so sadly, suffers from raging, malignant narcissism (yeah, he IS clinically mentally ill). And the country now awakens to the frightful uncertainty, SEES WITH THEIR OWN EYES ... the risk, the peril we are in. Because of Khalid Shiekh Obama. This is not fantasy. This crisis is real. This danger is mortal. At the same time, one of the world's largest Islamist terror states, now has their own, full scale, operational nuclear reactor (wtf?).

On Saturday, September 11, New York City's going to rumble.

The ground's going to shake.

And on November Second ... we're gunna rock the whole f*cking country!

And ... sometime after the new Congress is seated, and after the subpoenas take flight.

So to will 999 red Israeli balloons ... rock Iran.

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