Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enemy of the People

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The third leg of a free democratic society, has turned gangrenous ... ripe, mighty stanky, oozing. MSM is now nothing more than an Enemy of the People. Traitor Media. No longer content to merely shade, obfuscate, misdirect, transfer(ence), co-locate. Print fake opinions and Mickey Mouse polls (in support of Dear Leader). Play find the missing word [in any/all accounts of terrorist attacks (hint: Muslim)], regale us with tales of the starving in Gaza. Or simply lie outright ... bald faced. In their proud sparkling ignorance, and spectacularly deranged partisan delusion. They now no longer make any pretense, of providing factual news to the populace. At all. So that the electorate can inform their own opinion, choose their own vote.

Instead ... engaging in transparent propaganda manufacture. For the state. And its faux, supra-constitutional, socialist, fascist, mooselimb pwezzidunce. MSM squatting in the bush, out back in Private Idaho. Busying themselves 24/7, with the destruction of truth, justice, morality, reason ... the very Republic itself. Every second, every tick of the clock that passes before our eyes. Strains belief. But that it were merely the scribblings/scrawlings of some blogger? Just another unseen member of the blogosphere spouting nonsense, letting off steam.

Sadly, beyond any calm measure, this horror is all too freakin real. (With MSM's help) the mooselimb junta in the White House have already overthrown representative constitutional government, in these United States. And now set about shoveling granules of rock salt into the gaping wound, and further cement their fascist grip. Further destroying ... freedom. Further annihilating the heart, soul, and spirit of the American people.

By erasing the first amendment. Entirely obliterating it. Where once the fascists took atomic hammer to atomic press. In order to silence any criticism or dissent. Now not so a great a need (for such), as most news proprietors are already infected with the Bomma virus [stricken/infected individuals ... collectively known as the Oborg (readily apparent, the open raging sores ... covering the faces of the talking heads at MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the Beeb)].

But one press, one voice that has not been infected. That Khalid Sheikh Obama does not control. The blogosphere. And that filth of course seeks to shackle then strangle that as well. Smashing the steel reinforced concrete foundation of these United States, into countless tiny little bits. While we ... are merely counting on the ballot box, to right this wrong.

Pay attention. Mark my words. Note them carefully.

If we fail at the ballot box on Nov 2. Should day turn completely to naught. Should madness prevail, and we do not stem the flow of blood, from out the stab wound in Lady Liberty's back. Fearful uncertainty will rule this now leaderless land. Heavy dread, dark despair, and a wild ferocious rage ... will fill what's left of the people's battered and torn hearts. The reticent will no longer accept the traitors in our midst. Will no longer let time, logic, reason, and the pen be the implements used to attempt righting this ship (helmed by cowards, traitors, and agents of misfortune). It won't be pretty. And it won't be fiction or a motion picture show. Will be sumtin we h'yar on planet earth likes ta call r e a l i t y. It will be ugly. Very.

Me, not promoting such ... not hoping for such. Just what I believe is all too possible. All too likely ... if we do not take the reins back. From out the hands of the head of the B.R.M.D.C. (Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult), Khalid Sheikh Obama.

No one's giving up. Not now. Not yet. We're gunna try and hang on until then, hang on tight. Though quite discouraged we most certainly be. How insane they be, if they think we're gunna just slink away, should the impossible happen. But if it does ... better watch out. We are Americans. This is our country. We the people, of these United States of America (and yeah you fookin filthy libturds, that does include Arizona).

Not managing the oil disaster, yet another sign Chucklehead had abdicated leadership [eons ago (can you say d'dither on Afghanistan?)]. And could care less about America (not that he ever had the faculty for such). Instead, the blowout well represented only a potential, personal political threat. That be the only prism. Early on, at the outset, patently unable to recognize the epic ecological and economic disaster it is.

And so Bambi dithers, again (it's what he does). For weeks, and weeks ... and weeks (as usual). Til finally, he worked up the nerve, to prance especial in front of the cameras, and bring us the news that we had been waiting atrembly for. He, Commandant Sitzpinkler, was going to send s.w.a.t. teams to the gulf.

And a week later? Another pronouncement from on high (he was just getting started), Chucklehead said he wuzz gunna send even more teams to the gulf. Teams of ... lawyers (Bambi: we're fookin groovin now). However as my gazillion adherents already know ... i spelz dat I M B E C I L E. And now, this week (pinch me), we get: "So I know whose *ss to kick" (hint Bambi: you couldn't even wipe the butt of Gary Coleman's corpse. Let alone kick it).

And when Chucklehead ain't monkey spankin with one hand? Yeppers, he's doin'it with the other. Condemning Israel at every opportunity, siding with Iran, an Islamist terror state. As they attempt to break the military blockade of Gaza, and supply Hamas with rockets and missiles.

In 1962, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Democratic President. Took us to the hair trigger brink, of global thermonuclear war. In order to keep Russian missiles, out of Cuba. An island sitting out in the Caribbean. Whose capitol ... Havana, is 225 miles away from Miami.

In 2010 Khalid Sheikh Obama, gets down on his very well calloused knees. And s*cks mightily on Iran's Ahmadinejad's d*ck. As Iran supplies hezbollah in Lebanon, and hamas in Gaza, with rockets and missiles (when Iran isn't training and supplying the murderers of our soldiers, in Afghanistan).

And Gaza ... ain't sitting 225 miles away from Israel's border, out in the ocean. No. They ARE Israel's border. Israel, a country the size of a postage stamp. Not content with only such, Obama, the U.N., and the E.U. (all them goat fookers think alike) ... want to erase that border. Destroy the sovereignty, safety, and security of the only free democratic nation in the region. You can tie a pretty ribbon, around the gold foil wrapped, candied dingleberry ... that is Obama. It will never camouflage the smell. Pig sh*t is like that.

And Mainstream Media?

If I had a neutron bomb ....


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