Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kubrick vs. Riefenstahl ...

[First forty seconds should do ya (after 13 second commercial)]. YouTube direct link/URL.

Leni Riefenstahl's ghost, (above) directs yet another daily installment of ... Bambi's Kabuki Theater. (Obviously) with an eye towards Kubrick's previous, highly prominent tableau ["Until we actually stop the flow ... we've got problems." (Yeppers, thaz what Commandant Sitzpinkler really said)].

(Advance/skip directly to aprox the one minute mark, for greater efficiency). YouTube direct link/URL.

But, as one can clearly see (when faux/staged cinematic worlds collide) ... Ms. Riefenstahl must've given the screenwriters, the whole week off (for the Memorial Day holiday). (To the astute cineaste) missing that singular moment, whence Dear Leader ... evolves that thumb (out his butt). And exultantly exclaims: Eureka ... I've found the method with which to slay the blowout!

Maybe Rahm's taking the week off, and heading to Ees-rye-L (for his spawn's rite of passage), also has something to do with it? Anyway, one would think ... perhaps Chucklehead's Ministry of Propaganda, should take a page out of Governor Brewer's playbook. And simply use hand puppets instead? Might be more effective (wink/snarf).

Upside ... would save the taxpayers m i l l i o n s of dollars. With every single staged installment of ... Bambi Kabuki Theater (that is produced).


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