Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blumen freakin' liar

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I guess it all depends on what your spelling of misplaced is?

When the Blumenthal story started gaining some real traction yesterday, as polls across the country opened. We were given a tease, that Bloomin Liar was going to hold a press conference ... soon, that day, in just a little while.

So imagine how surprised I was, as Connecticut Atty. Gen. Richard Blumenthal, strode up to the VFW podium. Shaking every hand in sight. Grabbin every homie for a hug. And proceeded to mangle reality whole. Doing a (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/tom tom boogie) two step ...

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Such a bold liar. Such a coward. And this is what passes for truth, integrity, and honesty. In the libturd nation. A disconnect from reality. So complete. So total. As to be alarming.

In case anyone ain't figgr'd it out yet ... alarm bells now go off in (what passes for) me mind. Daily. This is some skeery sheet peeps. I no longer feel confident, am able to produce any accurate view of/to the future. Sure, said a bazillion times already, it will get worse.

It now remains to be seen, just how bad?

Evil is. It is all too real. And it has now come to America.

The nation's highest law enforcement official Eric Holder, bald faced lying. To the whole country. The head of Homeland Security Napolitano, lying, bald faced, to the whole country. All week, near every lamestream media talkin head, and near every virtual or atomic outlet. Lying ... like mofo's. Caught a few minutes of Donna Brazile, yesterday on Campbell Brown, lying, through her teeth with breathtaking sincerity (yakkety yak/blah blah: recession's over/let's not return to the Bush years).

It's like being a character, in a ginormous soundstage a la The Truman Show. A living waking nightmare ... cept this one's ... Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It's sick. It's macabre. And it is frightening.

We may take Washington D.C. back, on November Second. In one hundred sixty seven days. But this country will never, ever again ... be the same. Logic is now an enemy, and truth is a menace.

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There will be no return to innocence. We have enterred an age of pure madness. G*d help us all.


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