Friday, May 07, 2010

Event Horizon

Event Horizon.

One hundred seventy nine days. 179. Less than six months now. Until Judgement Day ... November 2, 2010. And we now ... have crested. Crossed. Passed.
Event Horizon


The event horizon.

Me, thought it would at least be a signpost of encouragement (was unable to finish already outlined post yesterday, so disheartened). That knowing we were on final approach (though still aways out). Seeing the runway lights. Would have a further sense of purpose. Some comfort. In the knowledge we would at long last expose the mooselimb traitor in the White House. Slap MSM back to kindergarten and crayons (where they currently reside, in the atomic). Retake America from out the hands of the mooselimb junta in Washington D.C..

Save America from complete and utter destruction. I said it wasn't going to be easy. Obviously so. But as we encounter yet more of the left's depravity. Derangement. Lunacy. Filth. And lies. The true horror of failure becomes much more clear. In that if we do indeed fail. America really does die. No joke. No hyperbole. The end. Over. Done. A memory.

I thought would be a glide. Though said many times, we will encounter massive amounts of AAA. And in turn, be a rather rough ride. It now appears we will encounter all manner of missile. Both thermal and laser (guided). As well extreme micro and sonic wave attacks.

I imagine the fuselage will be near completely shredded. Guidance and control will be severely affected. And power delivery will be significantly impacted. And I imagine the landing gear will have also been shot off. We'll be going in on A wing, and A prayer. The airframe, American backbone. Will bend, will splinter. But will not break. We're gunna bring her in. The real question now, is what will we find. What will we discover. Once we bring the bird in for a landing.

What will remain of our dear country?

Khalid Sheikh Obama is now in jihad mode. Terrorizing the non believers. Setting flame to America. Rather than desist. He now takes aim at every kafir. But that it were the mere eccentric musings, of an unread blogger. A little normal, everyday, bloated partisan idiocy.

But mark my words. Do. As events unfold between now and then.


As we are now witness to, with each passing second.

So what's your point elmo?

One and only.


Do not lose sight. In the noise. In the despair. In the exploding flak all around. We not merely clenching the stick in a death grasp, but are forging a new America. In that crucible, there is no room for any internecine bickering. No room for squabbling. Yes, we WILL indeed throw any dead weight overboard. Shove anyone who endangers the mission, out the nearest f'ng airlock.

But we have no time. No energy. No need of distraction. None.

We will not be consumed in the flames, in the fires that KSO is setting all over this great land. Instead of securing the border, Khalid Sheikh Obama fuels a race war. Instead of protecting America ... from terrorists. He uses domestic security as a shield, with which to attack ... his political opponents.

Instead of working with the duly elected Government, in Congress. During a terror attack, on American soil. He now withholds intel (intel which may possibly implicate the mooselimb junta in crimes?). Instead of taking care of business. Doing the job of President. He calls in an arc strike.

On whitey. On the Tea Party. On those who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. On conservative institutions. On Christians. On Jews. On a free press. On the first amendment.

On America.

As a mere distraction.

Put on your f*cking fire suits people. Man up. Quit your crying. Quit your bellyaching. Cinch you chin straps. Pull your glove beads tight.

November Second.

Isn't just the most important election in the history of our nation. Beyond any come before. It is the most important day. Singular. Without measure or compare. In its entire history.

If we get it wrong. We lose the greatest gift ever known.

YouTube direct link/URL

The lies they deny they will breathe until they choke.


Hey Barry .... your phone's ringing.

On second thought (*sswipe) ...

Just get the f*ck outta the house already ...


Addendum, Saturday, May 8, 6:00 a.m..

How many times have I told you, to go out. To your local weapons emporium. Look the proprietor in the eye, shake their hand, and say hello. After which, open up your wallet. And buy a gun?

Well ... what the f*ck are you doing sitting in front of your computer, huh?

Khalid Sheikh Obama doesn't have your back. To the contrary my guut leel blog reader. This country. Our lives. Our world whole ... is in mortal jeopardy. Forewarned may be forearmed. But you're gunna need more than just your forearm. When the sh*t hits the fan. And hit it will. Guaranteed.

We ain' in Kansas no mo. What the future reveals WON'T be pretty. But will be a damn sight ugly, really ugly. If you cannot defend your life and liberty ... the lives of your family? You have not only failed them and yourself. You have failed us all.


Do not surrender to the caliphate.

America is in your hands.

6:15 a.m.

Are you still here? Get in the f*cking car and drive. Like now.

10:15 a.m.

YouTube direct link/URL

Watched a whole four minutes. Couldn't go any further. Obviously, the maggot andy's playing to the gallery d'range. And well ... generally, from experience, sometimes you can extend the benefit of the doubt (that the sweet little dear hasn't been shown the finer points, of how to deal with one's cycle).

Yes, November Second cannot get here quick enough. And with certainty, yes indeedy ... there's gunna be hell to pay. Gloat? Shoot ... I just might go to court, and have my middle name changed.

But to what ... hmmm?


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