Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alright ... who slip't da cid in my lemonid?


Last night, 8 p.m., Tuesday. Parked my keister in front of the flat panel, Fox loaded, the fair haired, blue eyed Billy O'Reilly. And watched in amazement (before changing the channel post haste). As he did his very best Robert Gibbs impression. Indistinguishable.

Using the same code words of the libturd nation (hint: Rand Paul/neocon, King Hussein/greedy). Cozying up to Bambi ... unfolding the sleeper sofa, breaking out sheets, pillow, and a blankie, for the Mooselimb King. As Billy purported to talk about financial regulation.

Had to stop and ask myself ... WTF?

I giss Bill's trying to portray himself in some sort of moderate light? That he's a reasonable sort (not like those whacked out Tea drinkers). But it became official (in the windmills of my mind), when changing one channel over (in my cable lineup), to CNN. That I had landed in some bizarro, inverted universe (who slipped the acid in my lemonade?!).

Lil Cooper Anderson ... live, in real time. Recounting, presenting the horrors of militant radical Islam. Showing Theo van Gogh's shroud covered corpse. As it lay slain. On a city street. In broad daylight. The fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Even the Moe, Ham, and Ed cartoons (of course ... not full screen graphic, but in background).

When Coop trotted out Aayan Hirsi Ali?

I've got blisters on my brain

I knew with absolute certainty, that I had just been dosed with a few mic's of blotter. April 20, 2010 ... and CNN's just waking up to the all too real, foul, sickening, evil caliphate that approaches?


Yeah, I did climb back down ... off that pink, puffy lysergic cloud. When it became painfully obvious, from whence it came.

Dhimmitude disbelief.

Oh no .. Bambi isn't pwezzidunce no mo.

Poor leel Andy was upset. That Revolution Muslim (residing in/on my blogroll under: Durdy Runny B*ttholes), had issued some sort of fatwa. Against South Park's creators, Stone and Parker.

They, who got down on their knees. And officially made the journey to the land of Dhimmi. Pinning on the shiny, sparkly badge even. Thinking such would protect them (not showing an image of the profit, of the pedophile moong*d death cult). And their reward ... for stuffing Mad Mo's meat in their mouths?

Oh the Hugh Manatee!

The world IS a dangerous place. The atomic, littered with the corpses of millions of victims of militant radical Islam. And the virtual ... helping the caliphate's advance to all four corners of the globe. Nightly bringing Lobo to our doors. With their slight of hand, misdirection, and lies. Masking its' approach ... lo these many years now.

And now that he's droolingly rabidly pounding on their door? They cry out WOLF! Go ahead cry. Cry ya little skankasaurs/sores. You cannot exchange your special, numbered, reserved seats in the first ring. For ones one degree cooler, in the seventh. Of hell. You made your kneepads, go sleep on em.

You provided the yellow lane indentification sticker. You provided em with the hybrid vehicle. Sh*t, you even built the express lane they traveled on to get here.

Say hello to the caliphate.

Now go f*ck yourselves. Oh wait, you already have. As well us, and the entire nation too. While strapped in for your ride, on the express train to hell, be sure to request some ice water (for all the good it will do ya).

Express train to hell ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the worst part was that Bill OReilly said upholding free speech was not worth offending muslims! It was a WTF moment.

12:29 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Glad I missed that (I was barely able to afford the ginormous 19" set, I bought a year ago, last Christmas. Woulda broke my heart, having to get stitches at the ER, and pay for a new tv).

The world's changing. Ever faster. Dizzyingly so. But as long as one keeps their eyes focused on one spot?

November 2.

Then it's no problem!

1:13 PM  

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