Monday, March 22, 2010

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... eyes

Coming back this a.m., from a short hop down to the convenience store. Felt different. And realized, I now see the world entire, through different eyes. 3-21-10 eyes. And I will never view the world the same again. My neurological pathways now completely rewired. Overnight.

9-11 you say? Forgotten (isn't that like um Veteran's Day or something?). A Muslim, born in Mombasa now occupies (soils) the White House. Desecrates the office of President. While another Muslim held the gavel, in the House of Representatives, during open debate on the health care bill.

Commies, socialists, Muslim apologists/open antisemites hold positions of power. In what passes for the Obama administration ... the fascists who have overthrown constitutional governement.

And those who draw a paycheck from the Federal government, in support of the caliphate, exist only as a media propaganda machine for Pharaoh. He not a leader, merely playing one on stage. Every action, every move is not for benefit of country/citizen. But to protect, burnish, and polish the twelfth mahdi's aura.

Haven't looked at the news this mornful morn, or pointed my browser on over to the usual suspects. To see. What it be like? And have no idea.

I only know what I saw last night. With my own eyes. As the maggot swaggered to the podium. With dum dum Bidenski in tow (Pharaoh can't hold the frame alone). Chuckle's head bobbling, side to side, to and fro. Proud. Beaming. And I knew that he had practiced, possibly even a dozen times. Rehearsed in front of mirror or camera. That strut.

After he reached the podium, I didn't wait a single second to turn the sound down (before any of the putrid stench could escape his cloaca). The muzzy's mosey told me everything I needed to know.

And Bidenski? What a treat .... standing behind, over Bambi's right shoulder. Smiling a stupid smile ... overhwelmed with being priveleged enough, to be allowed to deeply inhale Obama's anal vapors.

And later, the matching/bookend peesadoodie, Pelosi. Draping herself with the flag, while standing atop the constitution (which she's just wiped her *ss with). Booming out the word ... Patriotism.

We are in a whole nuther dimension, and it's a mofo'ing nightmare.

But it ain't over people. It has only just begun. The march to oblivion IS underway. Certainly scary. I'll not watch. I'll not remain silent. I will not cower nor slink away. For I have been filled with a terrible resolve.

321 ... a day that will live in infamy.


Here's a little laughter among the tears for you (since I haven't posted a dang thing in three months). We'll call it Obama's Greatest Hits.

Kept a fairly tight edit, so most of 'em should bring a smile to your face (would I lie to you). I'll not let them take mine. They will not crush my spirit.

In chronological order:

May 14, 2008: Barry & Me

May 03, 2008: How to Ride a Dead Horse

September 22, 2008: The Obama Dictionary

November 16, 2008: Barry Style

(the amazing thing about this post, is the fortuitous synchronicity. The 'rico suave' pic, randomly snagged from the net. Near EXACTLY duplicates the Time magazine photo/s, which were released a few weeks later (and had been held in secrecy by the photog, afraid of them altering the election).

November 09, 2008: THANK YOU,

January 28, 2009: Rapture Watch: Day 9 1/2

February 04, 2009: Liar liar ...

April 22, 2009: Obama the Clown

June 18, 2009: The torch has been passed ...

June 10, 2009: Paypas ... vee need tu see zee paypas

July 02, 2009: President Obama enacts National Kill a Jew Day

August 26, 2009: TRAITORS!

August 12, 2009: Obey me!

October 29, 2009: In theaters Thanksgiving Day ... The Winds of Obama

Ooops, sorry (thought you forgot your hat). My mistake.
Mr. President, what are you going to do now?

Though November 2, will not come quickly enough, be strong. Keep your resolve. Our day IS at hand. Git yur boots on people, there are serpents in the garden ... we have work to do.

(And ... just in case anyone's been asleep the last twelve months?)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Glad you are back.

8:47 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Never really left, per se. Was simply overwhelmed. Too much information. Too much data. My processor was overloaded ... frozen. Treading virtual water. So, simply has a little rest by the side of the pool.

Still unsure ... of my place, path, journey in this world (ain't that something). But I will not turn my back on my country. Will never happen. I will fight the fascists. In word and deed. As long as I draw breath on G*d's green earth.

Warm Thanks for the kind words.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we are all overwhelmed. I always wondered how the German people allowed all of the horror to happen, and now I think I am finding out. First you find it hard to believe what you are seeing happen, and then you don't know how to stop it. The difference between then and now, though, is the internet. Knowledge is power.m m So is prayer.

3:50 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Synchromicity ... never read "Hitler's Willing Executioners". But of course, at least one review (... the banality of evil).

But did, just yesterday, read this (different) review (had removed/torn out/set aside):

Nathan Ihara's book review, of Hans Fallada's new/recently translated 'Every Man Dies Alone'

"Having already investigated the suffering of poverty and addiction, in this novel, his masterpiece, he bears witness to the 20th century’s greatest crime. Primo Levi hailed the work as 'the greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis', and Levi and Fallada’s books share an understanding that while the Nazis were evil, the moral corruption of citizens and prisoners themselves was nearly as grotesque.

Fallada’s depiction of wartime Berlin reveals dissolution on all levels of civilization: Yes, there are brutish Gestapo agents and sadistic SS torturers, but equally fiendish are the looters, blackmailers and bullies among the general population. When a man, the morning after learning his son has died at the front, complains that Germany’s new wealth 'isn’t worth a single dead body', his neighbor reminds him, 'You know I can get you put in a concentration camp for defeatist mutterings like that', and promptly tries to cadge 10 marks."

9:49 AM  

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