Thursday, November 26, 2009

MSM .... Muslim State Media

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What is real?

How do you know?

To Muslim State Media ... the twelfth mahdi's golden glowing aura, still shines ever so brightly.

While some are going hungry, and the economy is putting a real hurt, on more an a few. Some financial types are betting it'll get worse (even possibly ... a lot worse?). And while this uncertainty surrounds us, envelops us. Pharoah fiddles. Fiddles about ... Afghanistan. Fidddles with his handicap. With his Wagyu steak. With socialism [using a jackammer to try and shovel it down our throats (see: fascism)]. And his minions? They're dancing ... gleefully, proudly. In parties at the White House .... like it's nineteen ninety nine.

Muslim State Media portrays the faux, supra-constitutional president, as some great leader. The saviour of all humankind (winner of the Nobel prize!). But instead of feeding the poor, he's just feeding his face. Instead of reporting the climate change fraud, MSM is completely ignoring it. He's not dithering on Afghanistan, no. He's weighing his decision carefully.

And to speak about Gov Sanford, is to speak about dereliction of duty, absence without leave, abandoning one's post. But of course ... when Chucklehead does it? [Like during the democratic uprising in Iran (or now, on Afghanistan)].

Muslim State Media rushing, tripping over themselves at every opportunity, to show Buraq the Magic Pony, as learned. Insightful, reasoned, and (ever so) nuanced. And in turn, every single last slice o'Wonderbread [who isn't waiting in line (while smiling like an idiot). Hoping to buff, polish and shine his mouse sized scrot]. Is a bigot. A racist (choke chicken til it shrieks. Lather, rinse, repeat).

What is the truth. Is it what you see with your own eyes?.

(Hat tip Zip)
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Or, is it the delightful little helping of pre-sweetened kibbles and bits. MSM serves up nightly?

Like my local daily, the L.A. Daily News. And head turdmonkey extraordinaire (editor), Carolina Garcia. Who printed only the first half of this AP article: You know, another daily round of Obfuscation/Find the Hidden Word (duzz anyone need a hint?).

Hiding. Masking. Destroying. Elimitating the truth.

Smashing it ... into a thousand tiny little bits.

And well sometimes, it seems as if nothing is real, nothing at all.


MSM tells us Sarah Palin is the enemy (Aaaaaaaaaahh ... run away! ). A real live human being. Living in the real world. The atomic world. Even [dare I say (say it)] a person with values, and integrity. (Don't stop now elmo) and Leadership (and fook me, I bet she's even got a REAL genuwine birth certificate!).

And with apologies to Ambassador Bolton ... Chucklehead ain't the first post-American president, no. He is the first Non-American president. He IS a foreign born traitor. Who cannot prove his eligibilty to hold the office, at all. If he could? He would (if dildomeyer was born in the hood? You know ... America. I'll mow the freakin White House lawn. On my hands and knees. With a pair of nail clippers). And he well and truly is doing everything he can, to destroy America (juss like the Rushbo said).

Who ya gunna believe? Me Chucklehead Obama? Or your lying eyes?

But really ... who the f*ck ya going to believe? Huh. Me, the Clown Prince of Persia, and me MSM army of sycophants. Or your lyin, racist, mofo honky eyes?

Friday, November 27, 7:30 a.m.

Circus Macabre ....

The nightmare now begins in earnest. The Caliphate IS here. Keep your families close. Watch your six. Stay sharp. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Monday, November 30, a.m.

Be afraid. Be very f*cking afraid.

Freedom of speech is under physical and legal threat not only from terrorists but also at the UN. ... (where) the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) delivered another blow with a resolution on "combating defamation of religion," which was passed by a committee of the UN's General Assembly on 12 November.

While the tactics employed by terrorists and the OIC are obviously different, the purpose is essentially the same: to ensure that criticism of Islam is censored. And it is working.

Monday, November 30, p.m.

Now you see it. Now you don't.

Wikipedia Webscrub-O-Matic: Tareq Salahi (Plus: Salahi/Khalidi Connection)

Is it a sign of paranoia when RBO suspects deliberate webscrubbing when a Google search does not find the obvious? It should have been a “no brainer” to find Tareq Salahi’s name listed for the board of directors of the American Task Force on Palestine in the Wikipedia. It was there, as recently as October 7, 2009. ...

(Plus ...) Not mentioned on the American Task Force for Palestine article in the Wikipedia, nor on ATFP’s website, are the names of those for the organization’s governance ... in the SourceWatch article, taken from a page no longer available on the ATFP website, we find: Rashid Khalidi, Vice President

This is who our President is. These are the individuals that Buraq the Magic Pony, tries to sneak into the White House. Like uh ... who needs those pesky little things like guest lists? Which might expose Obama's allegiance to the caliphate.

Anyone still believe Obama will serve out his term?

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This traitor shall be exposed. We shall restore the Constitution. We shall take back this country, America. We shall not be deterred. Put a fork in that cockroach. He's done.

Wednesday, December 2

Hey Barry ... suck my d*ck. Suck it hard b'yotch. Suck it real hard.


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this blog is total shit. you are bat-shit-crazy.

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Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wow, Santy Claws came early (most sincere thanks for the hearty laugh).

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