Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Upside Down

Photo via Mark Dirk

It no longer a question (whether our world is being torn asunder). The question is ... will it in fact survive Islam? The dhimmi nation just can't get enough mooselimb c*ck to suck (any c*ck a doodle do). And the rush to portray Nidal Hasan as an American soldier, or a psychiatrist who snapped [you know ... just someone stressed out/bad day at the office (a victim!)]. Is sickening, revolting, cowardly. Traitorous.

He is a Muslim. A terrorist. A Muslim terrorist. Like all those who came before him. Like all those that will follow (as night follows day). As planned ... over days, weeks, months, and years (allahu akhbar!). As instructed by imam's around the globe, in cities American, and radical Islamist websites. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew. Kill the Jew (and then kill some more).

24/7 the cry, the call to duty, the celebration. It is their coding, their DNA. Even in their heralded (flat pack of Charmin) book of peace, justice and compassion, the Quran. You will find the call to kill the Jew (of course, you won't find those passages in the free/complimentary expurgated version, provided to dhimmis).

Perusing my local daily atomic newspaper? Good luck finding the word Muslim, anywhere on the front page. Anywhere. What a sh*tfest L.A. Daily News editor Carolina Garcia, serves up each day. Maybe you might want to try your luck, and see if you find the word in their John Allen Muhammad obit? Nope ... you won't find it there either (he, part of a duo who made handmade drawings of Ariel Sharon as a target, with riflescope bullseye on his head). But in Muhammad's obit, you will find the words innocent, and dignity used in applique.

You can however, readily find an homage to the local Muslim population. You know, that this is some sort of anomaly, this is not the face of Islam. And it never happens/happened in the religion of peace (we're shocked!). And you infidels? Aww ... you gotts nuttin to worry about sunshine ... go buy some DVD's for the Holiday. Shoot grab a new larger flat panel while you're there [except you conservatives, asst. teabaggers, Israelis, Jews, Christians, U.S. Soldiers, military recruiters (and anyone who didn't achieve orgasm, while Chucklehead Obama tried shoving socialism down our throats [while destroying the economy]) ... you know, racists!].

The world is upside down.

And it's going to crash. With a thunder. A deafening roar. A hideous shudder. Hide the truth, you f*cking smelly pieces of MSM sh*t. Go ahead. Go ahead and hide from it. Scurry ya little cockroaches. Try, try and turn our trusted soldiers and sheriffs into baby killers. With your daily misdirection, obfuscation and lies. Portraying them as the enemy [and the causation of all world's/societies' ills (and Islam of course .... the answer)].

There is no escape from this mindf*ck, that Obamedia is bashing into our skulls (with a chisel and five pound sledge). Everyday more and more lies [the recent political defeats in Jersey and Carolina? Nothing to do with the messiah (nothing at all). Obamacare in trouble? Malarkey]. Our once cherished press is now an official part of the caliphate. And make no mistake. None. A Muslim traitor (supra-constitutionally) occupies the White House. And the fourth estate has mobilized to keep him there. Hiding/masking who he really is.

I will not remain silent. I will not cower. I will neither kiss his ring, scepter, or hem, nor gaze lovingly at his halo. I will pray that his Constitutional ineligibility, is finally brought to the fore. That his felony crimes are exposed, for all to see. That he is run out of the Oval Office on a rail. In the unceremonious brusque disgrace that he has earned.

I pray my country survives. I don't know anymore, if she will. I do know things will get worse. It will get real f*cking ugly people. Real f*cking ugly. More will die. Many more will be murdered. Slaughtered. Gleefully fed into Mad Mo's boiling cauldron of hate. We may fail. The libturds and Obamedia welcome the caliphate, hail the twelfth mahdi Obama, and praise Allah and Mohammed.

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Go to your local weapons emporium or gunshop. Look em in the eye and say hello, introduce yourself. Make a purchase (whatever that may be?). A modest fixed blade (or ready sword), a snub nosed revolver (for the lint filled pocket). Maybe a compact semi-auto for the waist band or holster. Or of course ... a short barrelled street sweeper (boom shaka-laka). Something which you are comfortable handling. Something with which you have the utmost ease, and unquestioned confidence in its use.


This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

"the recent political defeats in Jersey and Carolina"

Should of course be .... Jersey and Virginia.

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