Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's gunna be a Flung Doo Christmas

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(Advance player to the forty eight second mark)

The largest Islamic terror attack on US soil, since 9/11. And all Obamedia can do is form a circle, and spank each other's monkeys. I don't recognize this country anymore. She is fading. Her glory willfully trodden upon. Her majesty struck down by/with the words of cowards. Traitors. On knees. Suggin ... that muzzy salami. Slurping. Smiling. Bewteen the slobber, sounding like CAIR them very selves. Indistinguishable.

I fear for the future. And yet feel some consolation in knowing my life's arc will not extend past the day America is lost to the caliphate. The Statue of Liberty's flame long dormant. Her beauty permanently eclipsed. Under a solid copper Burkha.

I weep. Islam rejoices.

And ... I can indeed take a little cheer, at the approach of the upcoming holiday. Though the twelfth mahdi does currently occupy the White House (and is dancing on the graves of Ft. Hood's fallen). He is going to throw us infidel pig dog Jews a bone. Our very own Ramadan bush!


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