Thursday, October 29, 2009

In theaters Thanksgiving Day ... The Winds of Obama

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Kommuneest organ grinder (joykoff), Grammy recipient, U.S. Senator, Pwezzidunce, oond wiener of the Nobel (the U.S. is now in pieces) Prize. Barry now sets his sights on Hollywood, bringing his own extry spayshul embouchure and intonation to da beeg IMAX screen. In a major new motion picture release ... The Winds of Obama.

Crepitation like never before seen, or heard (twelve thundering channels, 24,000 watts)! Witness his special arugala, mustard, and Waygu diet. His dedicated training regime ... jetting off around the globe promoting Chicago, the Abomination brand name, and other assorted libturds. Fight back the tears of joy as you are treated to Obama's nonstop grandiose speechifying, glorifying the fascist regime [click heels together, raise right arm (palm forward)]. Hoot and holler as Barry wantonly destroys America (in only nine months).

See some of the most spectacular footage of hot gas expulsion ever recorded (WARNING: no one will be seated during the last fifteen minutes). Don't miss this special limited engagement holiday event! [No passes or discounts accepted (Academy members your card admits two)].

YouTube URL/direct link

The critics are raving ...

NYT's: Explosive!

CNN: Manna from hebben

MSNBC: Can't get enough!

CBS: A rose by any udder name ...

L.A. Daily News editor Carolina Garcia: Epoch ... visionary. I inhaled deeply throughout!

L.A. Times: Pure ecstasy ... now everyone can experience the power, the glory, the awe and majesty of the messiah.

The Village Voice: A shoe in for the Oscar ... is Broadway next?!

Advance, reserved tickets are now available by phone or internet and are selling fast. Don't miss out!


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