Monday, August 10, 2009

Through the Night Darkly


All those bumps in the road, all those scars and broken bones. All the insane unbelievable trials, tribulations. The missteps, the wrong turns, the detours, the failures, the accompanying misery. And yes, the moments of pure joy.

But nothing. Nothing has ever shown so darkly in this night of our nation's discontent. These days of the severe sufferer of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The (less than a) man of no background, no known place of birth. No love for America. Nothing but contempt and hatred for its citizens. Destroying America's very heart and soul. While proudly displaying a revolting allegiance to Islam.

Half the country's citizenry now under some scary hypnotic spell. Cast by MSM/Obamedia Inc. Who no longer bear the slightest resemblance to providers of news. Existing only as a channel of propaganda distribution for ... Thuh Won. Purveying filth. Imprinting disillusion. Promoting nihilism. Sickly garbage. Smiling. Lying.

Yesterday afternoon (fruitloop) Don Lemon, on everyone's fay-voh-rite regurgitation network ... CNN. With guest/talking head Mark Easton ... CNN political analyst. Spewing untreated sewage from out his nostrils, spilling out his ears. While at the same time washing, buffing, and polishing Obeyme's mouse sized scrot (neat trick) with: townhalls/meetings ... nazi symbols present/on display (loose quote/paraphrase).

I dare ya to try that to my face Mr. Easton. Go 'head ... no, really. Pretty Please. Wit sugah on top. Geebus.

But this this idiocy ... is not just and only limited to the left. Ann Coulter in her Friday YAF speech, feeling an opportune moment to weigh in on the birthers. And showing that ignorance isn't only the provenance of the left.

Or every so sadly. Ever so disheartening. Leo Denofrio of Natural Born Citizen, feeling his own personality disorder/bipolarity. Self righteously climbing upon his own little sparkle pony. Beamingly proud of his picayune, sophomoric, tactless, boring ... trowser dropping. Pathetic, creepy, egomaniacal self sabotage [after all that hard work ... paving the way. Then ... simply tossing it away, like a used Kleenex (what a buzz killer)].

I know not what it was like to live in times of the American revolution. During this nation's birth. Or the Civil War. Let alone even being alive during World War II. I can't imagine. I do know that this modern world is spasmodically convulsing from without. While being ripped apart and torn asunder from within. By traitorous, cowardly little bacterium (who've somehow managed to climb out of the toilet bowl).

And Obama and his legion, doing near everything. Everything to insure that Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Lucifer smiles more brightly with each passing second.

People, hold on to your beliefs. Keep your families near. Remain on watch. Keep cool though, do stay in pocket, please. Trust in that which is just, that which is right. Cling to the truth like it is the only life raft around for a thousand miles. And if you can? Please do keep an eye out for this battered country of ours. As we travel though this night ever so darkly.


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