Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Born in the U.S.A.

Sure, I can understand The Editorial (obligatory snarf here). Its pov, its gestalt. Even its calm, understated (but still pointed) reason. What is lacking from some of the right's acceptance of Chucklehead's birthplace, and in turn his POTUS eleigibility. Is reality. Yeah, just like the left's refusal to even visit the question [you go Gibby! (luv the fifteen dollar crack, b*tch)]. The refusal to even acknowledge the possibility.

What is my motivation? Politics? One can certainly think. I mean, would be normal to engage in such ... the undermining of your opponent. And in this day and age, bathing in excrement is just about all MSM, and the lunatic left (dog) doo. Like that vile piece of filth Rachel Maddow, last night, getting up on her high sparkle pony. And proceeding to rationalize the personal attacks on Sarah Palin's children [had to change the channel (sh*t does smell)].

But why would I bother in such an empty pursuit. Harsh criticism is what Barack Hussein Obama engenders. That won't go away, as long as he occupies the White House. Or as long as he tells TOTUS to zip it, and then spontaneously proceeds to open his own pie hole. He IS a stupid f*cking moron. A congenital liar. A rather pathetic, mentally ill narcissist. A freakin lunatic. Pretending at normal. Yes, he did indeed fake it well enough to get elected (f*ck me). Well enough ... that MSM just can't bring themselves to stop sucking his d*ck (the slurping sounds are starting to annoy).

But dealing in fantasy, fabrication, delusion? (why even bother turnin on the kompewter). I laughed, back when. A year ago. When some first made mention of the Messiah's questionable birth certificate. I had the same thoughts currently on display, by the NRO, in today's editorial. It seemed whacky on its face. Dumb. Plaintive longing. Like buying more lottery tickets than prudent or you can afford.

But disbelief is a healthy, even normal thing. Skepticism not the gravest failure. But with the passage of time. We bear witness to events unfolding that defy reason. Defy logic. Defy belief. Which make one question, seriously question ... forcing one to ask, what the f*ck is going on here? (exclamation point). Not simple, everyday petty partisan politics. Routine empty baying. But examination of the very foundation of our existence. The hundred foot bedrock of an entire glorious nation.

Barky the arrogant associate of the ACORN criminal enterprise. Barky the belligerent Islamist. Who readily chooses to arm Iran with a nuclear bomb, destroy capitalism and democracy. All in one fell swoop. Is not beyond reproach. He is not above the law. He does not exist in a place outside the Constitution of these United States of America.

What does Obama gain by letting the leaks continue to spring in the dam? Cracks to form, to lengthen, to expand. What benefit to him politically? I see none. In my wildest speculation, he would produce some manner of evidence, to silence the birthers. And he would produce it in a time and fashion, that would crush their spirit. Destroy their soul. Wrap their existences in permanent shrouds of darkness. And afterwards, he and his pet juwa Emanuel, would slap each other on the back, and exclaim We Won! (ha ha). Over a cold Trappist monk beer.

But that isn't the plan. The plan is to keep sticking pieces of gum, in the holes. That keep popping up on the dam's wall face. And keep rolling up their pant legs (as the water now gains ... rising toward neck height).

The sheer enormity of documents, which could bolster their assertions, and tamp down the growing rumble. Remain sealed. By Presidential order. Me, I'd love to be wrong. Would be great, truly (it ain't like Obama has the slighest f*cking chance of ever being reelected). Truth simply is. Whatever that ultimately is/may be. We could move on to the real issues. The ones that Obama is entirely clueless about. And confront that idiocy, which is now completely destroying America. Head on. But as long as he is ineligible to occupy the position, that MSM elevated him to. Us merry birthers won't play along (we won't). Sorry.

1 + 1 = 2

It is a very simple equation.

If it walks like a ding-a-ling fascist/socialist/nihilist/Islamist piece of shit. Talks like one. And (darnit, unavoidably) smells like one.

It is.

Some choose to call that kooky. Others ... well they can call it whatever they want. Me, I call it what it is. An attack on the United States of America. An attack on truth. On reason. On reality whole.

A sickness. An evil.

Prove you are who you say you are Chucklehead. Go on. Go ahead. I double dare ya. Me am 100% convinced that you will not serve out your term. You will be removed from office, by rule of Constitutional Law. Just as the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. In spite of what Richard Cohen/SPLC, or Rachel Maddow, or (your little pet) Robert Gibbs say to the contrary.

On this day, Tuesday, July 28, 2009, I take .... THE PLEDGE:

If Barack Hussein Obama, the TIC (Traitor in Chief) can prove he is American by birthright. Is constitutionally eligible to hold the position of President. Can present atomic evidence in support thereof. This blog will permanently suspend.



Addendum 11:00 a.m.

Somethings you just cant make up ...

Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire ... I can’t believe it, but Benjamin Netaniahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, signed up to be my friend on facebook.

(Hat tip Craig)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Me am 100% convinced that you will not serve out your term. You will be removed from office, by rule of Constitutional Law."

If you're wrong, will you admit that your powers of analysis are hopelessly lacking? Or is this just hot air?

12:35 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I'm all about the integrity. Left, center, or right. Truly one of my pet peeves (see my first post here, and then later following posts re: Pajamas Media/OSM). I have no problem being wrong. Let alone keeping my word.

The depth of my belief. The repuslion at the odious stank that is yesterday's garbage .... Barack Hussein Obama. Is unshakable.

I can laugh like the next ... even at myself (and we all really could use a good laugh now couldn't we). But there is nothing funny about America accepting a ride, and getting in the car with a complete stranger.

This will not end well.

(Doesn't mean I haven't actually been Champagne shopping in the last week).

Hot air? I'm not the one on every network and cable channel bloviating incessantly. Every second of everyday. On the front page of every newspaper or magazine. Smiling. While f*cking America in the *ss. That would be the mahdi ... Obama.

He is going down. I however will not stand by silently and watch, while he attempts to take our country down the sh*thole with him.

He's done. Put a fork in'em. Powers of analysis? How freakin smart do you have to be to open your eyes?

2:24 AM  

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