Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Point of No Return


I don't recognize my country anymore. Deranged lunatics hold the country's highest offices. And the vaunted fourth estate is now permanently lip-locked in an autosexual act. Proud and joyous, smiling brightly.

Citizens are openly sliming their fellow Americans, with the most base accusations. We most certainly ain't in Kansas no mo. And it is only going to get worse. The left, caring not a whit for this country. Droppin trow at any and every opportunity. Shatting on the right, on conservatives, on our cherished flag, our institutions, our soldiers, our police. Our very way of life.

How did we get here? That worthless bug. That freak. That turd. Barack Hussein Obama. And his army of disinfo agents. Creating doublespeak so fast, your quad core processor can't keep up. By the minute, to the second, dispensing lies. On autopilot. Pure. Unadorned. Filth.

Lying without compunction, having no moral compass. Only empty, barking moonbat politics. Lie upon lie. And the lies get bigger everyday. The biggest lie remains unspoken. Unacknowledged. By Pharoah Obama himself, and of course his bootlicking MSM insect army.

Obama, Axelrod, Emanuel, and the DNC. Cannot bring themselves to categorically deny Obama's questionable birth. Or loud and proud affirm his legitimacy to hold this nation's highest office. Pretending. Playing. At the concept of mere silly little partisan politics (see ... if we respond, we are lending credence). Mocking. But it would all go away. In a flash. In less than a millisecond. Upon presentation of the atomic documents. Currently under Presidential seal, by the very first official act of the fake Obama presidency.

The failure to stifle the now constant, earth trembling rumble. By this simple, trifling, easy act. This week. Clearly shows what cards the future resident of a Federal penetentiary holds.

We have passed the point of no return.

A traitor
occupies the White House. And will not go willingly. Will not give our nation the respect she deserves. Admit to his wrongdoing. Step down. Rather, the Islamist bug will fight.

He will lose.

Until such time as the little cunt is frog marched out of the Oval Office, by rule of Constitutional Law. We will view each day with wariness. Each hour with worry. We will fear for our country. Our families. Our friends. Our allies. But we will not run away. We shall not. We will not submit. We will not surrender. We will not give one f*cking inch, one f*cking millimeter. They will hear our voices. They will bear witness. Whilst they gin up and inflame racial discord. Jumping up and down, expanding the partisan divide. All while pouring gasoline.

In comfort we shared this America. This American life. This world. This universe. Through thick, through thin. Time of plenty, time of naught. Time of war, time of peace. Comfort stemming from our unshakable belief in America. A full bicep always at the ready to shoulder the load. To carry the weak, to champion the strong.

We are America.

We are he aid.

We are her rescue.

We are her comfort.

Stay in pocket people.

Keep your cool.

Keep your heads.

Let the turdmonkeys sling all the sh*t they want. Turn sideways. Step whichever way. We are not going to fail. Our nation of discontent, is not going to go quietly into that good night. We shall remain at the ready. On station. On watch. Until that light unto all nations, America. Is once again a Constitutional Republic.

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Blogger Lisa Graas said...

Elmo, I saw your comment at Dan Riehl's blog regarding Google and "automated queries". Same thing happened to me. Hackers put malware on my computer. I used Ad-Aware's free program to remove it and I urge you to do the same.

I'm a conservative blogger, too, and founder of the Palin Twibe on Twitter. I think some hackers are Obama fans???? Anyway, just clicked your name at Dan's blog and found you hear. Please run a malware scan and get that stuff off your computer. Then again, if you aren't able to access your blog, you won't get this, will you??

1:31 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks Lisa. I think it was platform wide. After I couldn't get my home page. I panicked (Dan was nice enough to hold me digits).

It's easy to forget that it sometimes happens. Blogger had only one outage in my time upon. But, it also coincided with a raging blog war.

It's so easy to let the net get the best of ya. Specially if you're in the middle of some hyperventilated crosstown virtual scrimage.

None the less, we bear witness to the Islamist bug Obama, and his nation of fascist insects. Trying anything, anything at all. To intimidate or silence. We ain't gunna be quite.

Hear me roar libturds! Hear me roar.

1:56 PM  

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