Thursday, July 30, 2009

The genie is out of the bottle

Meester Genie ... and the wispy diaphanous cloud that surrounds him, aren't going back in. Today. Tomorrow (or next week). If the deranged libturds, their sainted Messiah, and his paid c*cksucking army (MSM), want the genie to climb back in. Then they must make him do so.

He/they must provide the historical atomic documents. He/they must show us dingleberry's dangan. Upon presentation of those documents, we will welcome ridicule. And only then, will we (quite happily no less) join the celebration of our fellow American's, across the aisle (we'd love to be wrong. It bothers us not a whit).

Until then,
Mohammed Chucklehead Obama, the filthy, scummy, odious, racist, Islamist bug. Who continues to destroy America, will have the pleasure of our unrestrained reprobation (suck it hard Obie, suck it really hard b*tch).


Looks like the price of real estate in Private Idaho, has quadrupled (in the space of a week) ....

Racism Is the Prime Cause for Debunked Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

The "birther" conspiracy has been utterly debunked, yet more GOP establishment figures have embraced the transparently racist cause ... like all conspiracy theories, it springs from the fertile soil of collective denial ... it thrives on a deep-rooted, racist belief ... It's the Racism, Stupid!

Take James W. Von Brunn, the white supremacist -- and a "birther" -- who shot and killed a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in June ...

[G*d I just love it when the turdmonkeys conflate us Jews with nazis! (It really never gets old)]

"At some point, people will have to say, maybe black folks aren't the crazy ones. Maybe it's not the folks of color who have lost their minds. Maybe it's you."


Game, set, match.

Justice Horace Gray Clearly Indicated Wong Kim Ark Was Not a Natural Born Citizen.

He clearly states that only one is natural-born: the child of the citizen. He says that both are citizens. But only the child of the citizen is natural born – for this is what he is comparing the other one to. So the holding indicates Wong Kim Ark was as much a citizen as any other citizen despite not being natural-born.

The Court does not say that the child of the alien is a natural-born citizen.

I really thought ... I'd have to wait a while. For some clarity to emerge. And that clarity would come from the hidden, sealed, or of course even possibly destroyed documents. Whatever they reveal? Hearing the sound of the other shoe dropping ... sometime in the future. The future is hear. Barack Hussein Obama, faux 44th President of the United States. Is inelegible to hold the office. Period.




Time to buy that bottle of Schramsberg.



Blogger william said...

I heard N.P.R. this am, feeling it necessary, to weigh in on this(despite their fervent hopes it would permanently finally disappear). They devoted several minutes to airing their carefully- crafted message expressing shock and indignation at the prospect of this already "properly debunked" issue. After all, THEY assured us it was ridiculous....meanwhile the light reveals.

7:46 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

You have those moments, when you question your thoughts. Even the memory of what you have seen, clearly, with your own eyes.

Obama, and his misprision minions, are on the air twenty four hours a day. The radio, and television. In every newspaper and every magazine. On every channel. Along every media avenue and outlet. Nonstop, the Messiah's aura is laser etched onto the walls of our minds.

He is not President of these United States. He is not even eligible. He is not even a man.

This great nation will not be defeated by such a worthless bug. That near all of MSM, and fifty plus percent of the electorate, have their lips superglued to his wang?

Will not be very pretty when comes times for removal. I gawr-on-tee.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Greg Goss said...

Do I know you?

10:16 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Once upon a time I met a Brian Goss, when I was a sapling working offshore in the oilfield. He .... quite the adventurer, had married some authentic island princess, in the South Pacific. Then skipped out and left her behind.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Greg Goss said...

I am a project manager for Eckel Industries, we build anechoic chambers. THat is why I thought we might have met..

6:12 AM  
OpenID warrantonegirl said...

Don't know if my last coment mad it here or not, however it really ticks me off that the left wing domestic terrorist are now saying, "ya'll are worried about something so a birth certificate?..." Spinning it on to us and devaluing the purpose of our Constituion, loyalty to America, and everything else that entails.

6:26 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Hey Greg, while I most certainly am quite the devotee of all tube, analog music reproduction [quite (even designing a rather tasty tonearm)]. And indeed have spent a fair amount of time in practical study of noise/vibration abatement (specifically turntable/record mats). The blog name is only a mild sonic reference.

And was more in keeping with the then current state of the right blogoshpere. And its then seeming rigid monotheism/uniformity. One r-wing echo chamber ... being not too dissimilar from another.

Though when Obeyme finally gets his marchin orders, to vacate the premises. We will all be as one.

Filled with joy. Bursting with gratitude. And I have zero doubt that day will soon be at hand.

8:07 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

(Yeah WarrantGirl, your comment did post aways back, no moderation here/tyvm).

Half the country spritually, intellectually has never (ever) been worse off. The left electorate is no longer informed. They are merely impressioned, imprinted, automagic lock step knee jerks. Unthinking. Unknowing. And yet still they wantonly spew venom. With righteous indignation.

Spitting that poison at anyone they disasgree with. Anyone who by accident of birth, happens to be (oh G*d no) a honkey cat.


The only things on their microcosmic bwains. The only thing on their tongues (after of course, they have removed Obie's schlong, long enough to scream the epithet).

It is vile. It is disgusting. And there will be a price paid. Without question. I do not fear events. Just as I do not fear the truth. But there are trying times ahead. Exactly what transpires remains to be seen.

A few that I know, are just beginning to see, to sense. That all is not well in duh Obatopia. Others sadly, will fight to the death to keep themselves chained to their blinders.

We wait. We watch. We see.

Me? I most certainly will be dancing in the streets. Come the day that Obie's sent packing [though I will have to beg/borry/buy a 'corder in order to post such on da Ewetoob (with or without the concurrent guzzlement of Champagne [don't want to break any DIP laws now do I :-) ])].

Cheers WarrantGirl

Dancing in the street

8:59 AM  

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