Monday, November 09, 2009

On the Edge of Disaster


Obama the Onanist

Reality. Getting mighty fugly. Unreal. All the good little libturds thought the messiah would save us. And so they all lined up. And paid homage to hope and change. Even some righty bloggers bought a whole bucket of Obie slop (no need to name names. You know who you are).

They of the belief that all our problems would go away. Even militant radical Islam. This past September 11? Was as if the word Muslim, was scrubbed from most every single f*cking newspaper in America. Near every MSM outlet. Not so much a whitewash, as a giant BJ for mooselimbed goat foogers. Sucking hard. Smiling ... in delirium. We must support dear leader! We must support dear leader ... in rewriting history. It no longer 9/11. But a day of service (oil change, tune up, and could you take a look at the spare?). As if Goebbels his very self had been resurrected in the atomic.

After Chucklehead's inauguration, we'd all be living on our own little pink clouds (they told us). High up in the heavens. It didn't take too long for Pharoah to show his yellow streak. His jellied spine. His traitorous heart. His weak mind. Neda was a clue, the braindead ingored. Obama AWOL. Hiding from the world stage. From making a decision. From taking a stand. Against evil. And the countless four hundred foot tall signs, along the road to hell? What signs? I didn't see any signs ...

And now, Fort Hood. Reality ... she is real. Try as you f*cking libturds might, to destroy her. Hide her. Paint over her. Or pave over her. Completely ignore her. Where's your f*cking messiah now huh? Telling us not to jump to [politically inconvenient (labelling them politcally incorrect)] conclusions (like the fact that militant radical Isalm is still here, and are still wantonly slaughtering human beings).

Obie's decline in popularity. He no longer the sparkly, cuddly poptart does vex them. And yet still they soldier on. Ignoring his mountain of lies, his nonexistent integrity, his malignant narcissism. And their fractured psyche's. Ignoring Obama, Axelrod, and Emanuel's repetitive turd polishing. Over and over (and over again) they buff, they polish, they shine: decision on Afghanistan in a couple of weeks. Oblivious to the simple reality. He is incapable of leading. He has not the toolbox. Let alone a single implement in residence thereof. And thus, in refusing to lead. Has abdicated.

And yet, it does not stop that anti-semitic piece of sh*t, from crapping on Israel. Sticking another shiv in the Jews. In support/distraction of his madness. We are on the edge of disaster. That bottle of Schramsberg I keep promising myself (even a YouTube vid of me dancing in the streets!), when Pharoah F*ckface is finally shown the door? May not taste as sweet as I was hoping. What will there be left to cheer about, after this cockroach is done?


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