Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock knock . . . . . . . . Who's there?

Sound the f*cking alarm!

Special delivery.

Special delivery who? I didn't order anything. Who is it from?

Just sez bagels ... special delivery.

I'm tellinya, I didn't order anything.

It's alright ... I'll just leave it. You don't need to sign, it's insured. Have a nice day.


If there's any truth to the Arutz Sheva story .... then one would think, fueling is taking place, as we speak. My previous, recent (unspoken) guess, was three months, tops. There may be a good reason, for some momentary hesitation? One never knows all. Sometimes, not even a little bit.

Sans a major attack .... then hell's gates will have opened. Wide.

And the world. The world will never, ever be the same.



Who'da thunk ... Howdy Dean be one of da first rats, to clamber over the ships railing?

Dean: I Won't 'Vigorously' Back Obama Re-election Bid

Yesterday, Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs took shots at Howard Dean and his opposition to ObamaCare, suggesting the good doctor didn't know what he was talking about.

It was payback time this morning, as Dean announced that he would "not vigorously" back Pres. Obama's re-election bid.

Go Howie go ... our new rodent hero!

Friday, December 18

The Copenhagen talks on climate change were convened with a sense of urgency that many ordinary folks don't share. Why is that?

Uhhh .... lessee: ordinary folks?

Not special


Not distinguished


Below average


Yeah, I giss we juss ain' enlightened (mints). Like them thar libwuhls. Yep ... retrograde types. Pathetic. Sorry. Try as we might, simply cannot master .... the recto-cranial insertion.




I'm a brain dead college perfessor (hear me roar) ...

A student says a Dallas public community-college teacher compared crosses to swastikas while explaining a school ban on religious items made in ceramics classes.

Those damn fookin kikes!

Egyptian media reports several incidents of Palestinian gunmen opening fire at Egyptian workers constructing steel fence on Rafah border.

How umm ... uh ... industrious.

WARSAW, Poland — The infamous iron sign bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" that spanned the main entrance to the former Auschwitz death camp was stolen before dawn Friday, Polish police said.


Whud wuzz yurr foyst clue der Bob?

Treason at Copenhagen

Under the Treaty Clause in Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, the President of the United States is only empowered to make treaties with other nations only after obtaining the consent of a two-thirds supermajority of the United States Senate. This has not yet happened, nor will it before Obama goes to Copenhagen with the EPA declaration. Yet the Obama administration has indicated that the President will sign a binding treaty which will force the U.S. to commit to a twenty percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.

It ain't so much that truth is stranger than fiction.

No. It's how positively frightening it its.

Infiltration: Muslim Spies Setting Muslim Policy at the Pentagon

An honored guest of the Ramadan dinner at the Pentagon this September was Hesham Islam, who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Ring despite proven ties to U.S. terror front groups and a shady past in his native Egypt.

As senior adviser for international affairs to former deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, Islam ran interference for the Islamic Society of North America and other radical fronts for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam persuaded brass to sack a Pentagon analyst, Stephen Coughlin, after he advised cutting off outreach to ISNA, which he accurately ID'd as part of a covert terror-support network in the U.S.

Most disturbing, Islam met regularly with Saudi and other embassy officials lobbying for the release and repatriation of their citizens held at Gitmo.

Man. Insane. Off the charts.

On their knees ... suggin that muzzy salami ('til their freakin lips bleed).

Is it noon yet?


Blogger Serr8d said...

I read your comment at the lying, out-of-control LA County DDA's site about your long-time beef with Jeff G. That beef was so well articulated and clear from your links! Where's the beef, really?

Did you have a point other than to suck up to Patterico's anal pore? Not as I could tell.

But the link to D the P, thanks for that. He's always been one of my favorites of all you crusty burnt-out old-timers.

9:27 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

"long-time beef with Jeff G"

That's rich. I could care less 'bout that steaming pile of excrement. Really. Had purdy much largely forgotten about all those PJM stank holes. Merely wandered by Meester Frey's neighborhood yesterdee, having randomly picked a link, to peruse from my own blogroll (I'm guessing it had been a year since I'd last visited).

And lo and behold, what did I encounter .... a nagging sense of deja vu vu (what is that smell? ... I smelt it before ... oh ... Jiff G's still stinkin up da joint. Whaddya know).

"Did you have a point other than to suck up to Patterico's anal pore? Not as I could tell."

Most Sincere Thanks for the free laugh.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Joyous Festivus ... from the reality based community!


Ask me if I care (bwahaha/snarf to taste).

6:59 AM  
Blogger Serr8d said...

"Had purdy much largely forgotten about all those PJM stank holes."

Jealousy is a grueling master.

Show me one single post you've ever created over your history that compares to this.

I'll wait.

7:06 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Wow ... you really are delusional ... if you think I've even clicked on your profile (even once). Let alone having any interest in reading any link you've provided? Geebus.

"Jealousy is a grueling master."

I'd say/recommend get a life/clue ... but then you'd think we were actually having a conversation.

"I'll wait."

Remember to breathe.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Serr8d said...

Not too long a wait, Thanks!.

Crickets, buddy, crickets.

Get you a different hobby. You've failed blogging.

6:47 PM  

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