Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Oh no ... say it isn't so!

Today's L.A. Daily News. Front page ... above the fold.

[Though of course, you can no longer view the front page, online (gee ... I wonder why?/Snarf to taste.)].

Orange Line riders left out of the party

TRANSPORTATION: Metro won't offer 24-hour service on New Year's Eve

If you live in the west San Fernando Valley and plan to party hard on New Year's Eve out of the area, don't count on the L.A. Metro to be your designated driver.

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority will offer 24-hour service for New Year's on its Metro Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Gold lines - but not the Orange Line, which traverses the Valley.

"That sucks big time! I'm not a drinker, but on New Year's Eve, I'm getting drunk and partying with my buddies in Hollywood," said Jermaine Snowden, 30, a security guard who ... rides the Orange Line regularly. "... I guess I'll have to plan around not using the Orange Line to get home. What a bummer!"

there there now ....

Juss breaks my lil ole heart, some poh unfortunates, in the west end of the burbs. Will experience more difficulty, than others. Getting drunk ... New Year's Eve.

24/7 what a freakin sh*tfest, L.A. Daily News editor Carolina Garcia serves up (and they pay her!). When she isn't endlessly sliming the entire rank and file LAPD, on the front page ... as thieves, crooks, or bigots. Or endlessly playing find the hidden word (in any report of human slaughter, by Islam). She's boldly championing Al Gore's lies (the earth is melting! the earth is melting!). The ones discredited. The same day, that Albear mouthed them (scientist: Gore made up his own conclusions).

A person needs the L.A. Daily News .....


like a camel needs an accordion.


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