Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yeah, definitely wanted to title this post Merry Freakin Christmas. Beat down by the fascists. Jackhammering socialism down our throats. That a foreign born, Muslim traitor, supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. And is destroying this nation. With vim and vigor, proudly. And seems no one gives a flyin leap (at a donut). Revolting.

Yeah, got back a lil joy making a couple small, local charitable donations as could afford this season. Haven't completely given up. Not completely shattered. But certainly disillusioned. And have no answers. I could go buy some fresh (used) platters to spin. Oft cheers me up. Or change up my routine a little ... somehow, someway. Shoot, get a rescue kitty.

But can't avoid this feeling of being a prisoner. In my own home. Even way out here, deep in the burbs. Sanity's under attack. The world's spinning out of control. And there ain' a dang thing I can do about it.

My country's riding the express train to hell. Bouncing along the rails at two hundred mph. How long before she leaves the tracks ... six months? How soon before the dookie really hits the fan? And true ugliness becomes part and parcel of the landscape. The greatness that was this nation is fast becoming a memory. A talking point of Muslim State Media (t'was all a lie, a fantasy. Wasn't real. Everything's gonna be better ... under the caliphate).

We are approaching a bleak age, a dark age. Full of uncertainty, full of evil. Where Pharaoh Obama is doing everything he can, to obfuscate and confuse. To interfere, to obstruct. To block any attempt at keeping Iran from becoming destroyer of worlds. To insure the mullah's ascend beelzebub's throne. Where animals prowl, even in houses of worship. And democracy's third leg, a vigorous free press, is now moribund. Turning purple. Choking on Obama's pecker.

Merry Christmas.


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