Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Your orders have arrived, forthwith:

THURSDAY, Suit up, Mount up .. and Ride.

The Republic is under attack.

Do not moan, do not beg, do not cry.

Do not cower nor bend (one) knee.

Do not close your eyes, do not walk into the Federal bonds of slavery.

Do not surrender to the political terrorist Obama.

Not now.

Not ever.



Anonymous JayJay said...

Afternoon Elmo... sign is ready and even got new marching shoes :)

3:17 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Hey JJ,

I actually haven't picked a field of battle yet ... so many here in South Cali. But I'll be there ... with rings on my fingers ... and bells on my toes.

Sign materiel at the top of my pickup/to do list [already have the verbiage (don't ask) laser etched into my mind ... no problem there!].

Putting a stick to the diseased vermin droppings (MSM), the recent/last while, I have not seen one, not ONE f*cking mention/story/blurb, about the raging States' Constitutional battle now underway. All across America.



This Thursday, I imagine FOX will devote a healthy chunk of programming, to covering the rebirth of these United States of America.

Let Mooselimb Media choke on it.

The earth will surely tremble under the feet of an entire nation. Marching to the bastille.


3:52 PM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

I don't have a choice here, just one spot but unlike the first one where we had to take turns in front of the capitol because the streets are so narrow here, they will close off the street for us ... just like they do for the 'rainbow' block party every year :)

I did add to the back of my sign though with the words... I support Israel.

Just be on the look out for infiltrators.

4:59 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Let em try ... no one's worried. Not in the least little bit. Stupid is as stupid does. And well ... no law against it (being stupid that is). Cooler minds (spelled grownups) will prevail.

Our spirits will soar to the heavens, as we march together.
One Nation under G*d, indivisible.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

It is not about them trying. Will make the crowd that much larger but about their attempts to discredit, either by misspelling on signs or raaaaacist comments or starting violence to try to discredit.

For so long the silent majority was just that, we smiled at their rantings and ravings and said 'That's nice" "Whatever you say, dear" and jsut let them go on with their tantrums over whatever. Now that we are standing up and saying NO MORE, they just don't know how to deal with it in a civilized manner.

We only have one shot at it and if we back down now, we are lost forever.

5:23 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I understand your trepidation, completely. The divergence in thought processes and behaviour, could not be more polar. They are insane. Mentally ill. Sick and deranged lunatics. Reality? They couldn't find it in an online dictionary.

No one will back down. No one will budge. No one will move. No one will flinch, nor even blink [in the face of trained libturds flinging poo? (Was gunna use the word monkeys, but well ... the thought/language police now ride shotgun in Amerika)].

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Overt displays of racism have NO place in America. Anywhere, anytime (not just during our parade ... polluting our message). And I will respond no different than I would at any other time, whence I bear witness to such. As I have lo these many years.

Clear reason. With firm resolve, fortitude, and rightousness will not be denied.

Should reason fail, emotion should still not enter the picture. These worthless pieces of excrement are not worthy of our anger. We save that for the corrupt treasonous snakes in Congress. And the foreign born mooselimb traitor in the White House. Who desecrates this great land. And smilingly, joyfully feeds our allies to the ravenous wolves.

Eyes on the prize.

Saving this nation from complete and utter destruction. This is the task that we have entrusted with. A task we must complete. Its incomprehensible size, its shattering importance will not change our character. Our will. Our person. Our very beings.

Odious, tiny little bugs ... will not stand in our way. Will not be a test of our worth, our measure. Will not change this, the largest page in the history of our lives.

Have a plan.

Exchange phone numbers with a few trusted individuals interspersed throughout. If necessary, summon them.

Completely surround any interlopers. Raise your sign to cover their message of hate. Follow them. Hound them. Drum them out. Shout in their faces. Break their fucking eardrums with your screams.

2 4 6 8 go away with your racist hate.

Do not stop for one f*cking second.

We have been called. This our time, this is our day, this is our moment. We are marching ... this whole nation together, to the promised land.


Should a lil dash of non verbal communication be needed (as public safety would require). Squeeze out only the amount needed. Subdue and contain only (bring heavy duty cable ties), until such time as law enforcement can cart the refuse away.

10:27 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Or of course ...

2 4 6 8 we don't want your racist hate

(Never really been much of a poet)

12:45 PM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

I will have no problems here. When you live in a small closed area, you know everyone. Was more worried about you. I am not worried about counter protests, more those that pretend to be TEA Party members for you.

You make me smile, something I haven't done much of for the past couple years. I have never been one to back away from anything I believed in but try to choose my battles wisely and once I choose, I don't back down even if I know before going in that I have a snowball's chance of winning. My grandpa always told me to do the right thing, even if someone had a gun to my head, do the right thing... it may misfire. For me, this IS the right thing.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea of sharing phone numbers with the people in the crowds is a good one. I,too, am in a smaller town and am not afraid, but I do worry about the people in the large gatherings. I can't see the other side not trying to make the tea partiers look like the lunatic fringe.

Actually, I feel like we are already reaping the benefits of the tea partys. The small town I live in is a college town, and until the tea partys started, I had no idea how many people around here felt so strongly about the situation. A year ago there were Obama bumper stickers everywhere. Now, even if you really look, you rarely see any. Change I can believe in!

3:11 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

From provided link/Brandon Crocker:

"If the Obama administration and its Leftist allies can win this case when it comes before the Supreme Court, which it ultimately will"


Poppycock. Hogwash (and most of the preceeding paragraphs ... rather kinda weak).

He, generally going a very long way around.

Simply put, Deathcare =

The govt. telling you:

a) You HAVE to buy a product
b) Which product you HAVE to buy
c) How much you HAVE to pay
d) And from whom you Have to buy it (from).

I'm guessing Brandon's not a lawyer (though yeah, that would make two of us).

While many of those on the softer side of today's politic, would have us believe. Couching King Hussein's actions in round cornered designs (libwuhl, radical, socialist, Marxist).

It is written plain.

It is now written tall.

With a micron polished ruby scalpel.


His loyalty is to the caliphate.

He is nothing more than an everyday garden variety traitor. Who, ever quite so unfortunately ... now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

[That isn't to say I didn't enjoy some of the comments in the link :-) ]

(And seems I now see more old/unscraped Kerry stickies ... than Chucklehead's)

Bambi promised us change. Just not the kind, the f*cking little pinhead imagined. And guess who's gunna bring it.

We will ALL be together this Thursday. All America.

Just like Abbie Hoffman "levitated" the Pentagon, some forty two years ago. We are going to send our spirits soaring to the heavens and beyond.

Throughout eternity.

We're gunna knock those gates at the moonbat cave down ...

The world will note, the world will long remember. What we said here. Will never forget what we did here.

We can and will save America. Because we ARE Americans.

5:10 PM  

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