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Judgement day approaches ...

Judgement day approaches ...
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We are now witnessing the rebirth of these United States of America. On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 ... this nation will arise. We WILL toss the serpents from the garden. We will send them back to hell. Judgement day fast approaches.

As the snakes are brought to heel, we shall once again be a free nation. FREE. Free to pursue our lives. Without Federal restraint. Out from under King Hussein's thumb (yeah, the one he usually keeps you know where).

Sure, Mephistopheles hath already taken the souls of these empty vessels. That comprise the libturd nation. But on the first Tuesday, of this rapidly approaching November. The orcs ... they will come a crawlin'.


From out the depths, coming to cart off the lunatics. Drag their shattered remains ... back to hell. Zombies, and nothing but. Mass hypnosis. Derangement. Evil ... pure f*cking evil. Zero connection to reality. They cannot see their own hands, in front of their own eyes.

Thuh buhlind.
Cannot distinguish light from dark.

We will hear their screams, yes their shrieks, their moans. Their insufferable agony (and if you listen very closely, you just may be able to hear it right now. This very minute. For it has already begun).

And we will be laughing.

On November 3rd, they can watch. They can see our anger fade. Watch our frowns turn upside down (sheet ... I'm smiling right now). While peeking out from behind the gates of hell. They are without shame. Sans reason. Sans rhyme. They will not be missed.

(Elmo's theory of relativity) ... in galactic time, today not a blip, a blink or a blimey. In American time, it IS one the true hinge of history. Our very existence hangs in the balance. Our very lives. And the life of this great land, this country, this place. This idea.

Neener neener ... I can't hear you!
While the surreptitious snake, permanently encoded with the mindlessness of militant radical Islam. Turns his back on G*d and country, plugging his ears.

any mooselimb cawk'l doo
He tries to stuff every mooselimb salami he can find, into his mouth.

All the while, his sainted visage graces the entire front page, of every smelly commie rag in the country. Painted with the brush of a legendary sport's icon. Tucked into the crouch ... unfurling a pitch of hypersonic velocity.

Hey you T'baggers ... bring it on!
You know, a lefty with the right stuff.

Mooselimb State Media's endless 24/7 parade ... of warmly lit, gilt framed hagiography ... never stops. Every outlet. Every platform. Every hour. Every f*cking minute. And when dear leader isn't busy (Damascus) sword swallowing? He busies himself. With sh*tting on you, on me. Upon us all.

It is all he knows.
It is all he is capable of.
That's it.

Buraq the Magic Pony's one trick. What a beaut the sweet little sparkle pony says: a magnificent gift (from me to you) ... of yummy brownies. And the libturd nation? Maddly scrambles ... for every morsel, every crumb.

We do not fear their insanity.
We do not fear you, Chucklehead.
You cannot hide.
For judgement day, it approaches.

Be sure to bring some ice water b*tch!



Just in case you really haven't figg'rd it out yet ... dildo. We don't like you, we don't want you. Our logic and reson have proved you wrong. Go back to Douchebakistan ... where you belong! You cannot bury us ... in your avalanche of lies:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only if we get to have the elections. They are well aware of the fact that we want to vote them out. They don't seem too worried about it, though.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon. I am certain there will be elections. It is more about who counts these votes that we have to worry about.

Elmo... it is not only about voting them out and restoring balance, it is about forcing those we vote in to drastically reduce the size of government. No matter which side has been in power, the size of the government has increased and we need to turn that tide.

1:33 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Call me insane ... go 'head. But this country of ours, America.


King Hussein is now engaged in open animus .. to the State of Israel. And actively (though as always, attempting to conceal his weak hand) sticking a knife in her back (the upcoming nuke security conference).

It isn't that he has a lil mooselimb in 'im. Or a leel eeslomb. No. He now, an unabashed advocate for/of the tenets of Militant Radical Islam.

I.E. ... there will be peace in the Middle East, if the Jews would simply stop defending themselves ("nuclear free world"). And the flipside ... of the same odious coin. The foul trope/tripe: because of that, antisemitism is their fault.

YES. There will be an October Surprise, the likes of which we have never before witnessed. His writing is on the wall ... within seconds of retaking Congress, Articles of Impeachment will be introduced.

And ... any poy-sun with harf uh bwain can see. The Supremes, on whichever day(?). Will slap him ever so fookin silly.

And even TWO different BC (birth certificate) cases may wend/progress soon.

His faux supra-constitutional presidency has been terminated.

Which means THINGS ARE GOING TO GET WORSE. Much worse.

In his derangement and true clinical insanity. He will fight. He's going to pull out all the stops. He will use every weapon at his disposal, including the club he has already swung TWICE.

Compromising domestic internal security, for whatever molecule of partisan gain he thinks he can cadge (in his delusion).

I.E. ... he IS going to continue on this path ... inflaming the citizenry. He's got a bag of balloons at the ready. Already filled ... with gasoline.

I honestly believe he is in an actual effort, to cause persons to act in a violent manner. In order to gain a/some measure of sympathy. Before election day.

Stay in pocket. Stay the course. But stand your ground. We are going to get there. Of this I have NO doubt. None. As the flames rise, MARCH INTO THE BOOTH AND VOTE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!

For they do. In my lifetime, I have never feared for my country, as I do this day, this minute.


2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:58 PM  

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