Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hope for the best ... prepare for the worst

The libturd nation comes calling
(Yeah, you bet that's one ooogly pic. These libturds, these zombies, these creeptastic freekazoids ... who come calling. Befouling our world entire. Victims ... uh duh Brain Gobblers, from the Planet Stinky Pinky).

World's a funny place. In me yute, played hookey from school for the first time, to go see Bobby. Less than a week before he was gunned down. By a Muslim terrorist (can I still say that?). For his support of Israel's right of self defense.

But I never once in this life, had gone to participate in a protest or demonstration. Never once, crafted a protest sign. And I suspect that I wasn't alone in popping muh cherry, on Thursday. I'm thinking hundreds of thousands spoke up, spoke out, in public. For the very first time as well. No virgins here, we all ... us Enemies of the State. Hardcore now.

Sure, old news to one and all ... Mooselimb State Media didn't devote more an a second or two (if that?). To covering the enormous shifting of the earth's tectonic plates. And since there wasn't ANY violence. Nor gay bashing. Neither/nor did we roast, any of the persons of color in attendance. On large outdoor barbecues (and their million candlepower smiles, from so deep inside their hearts. No different than mine. No different than anyone else's there. And that love of country, burnished and singed into our hearts. Will surely help to relight the flame of this nation's liberty once again).

Timothy McVeigh's ghost? Nowhere in sight (what's the deelio Bubba?). Flags of the National Socialists? Nope (but to hear them tell it, flying the Stars and Stripes is well ... tantamount to Nazism). Not only did the two hundred or so Tea Parties, all across America, not lead the evening news. They didn't even finish [twas merely a figment of our imaginations (but local coverage, of a few nazi scum downtown, yesterday. Showing the New Black Panther Party, holding signs circle/slash/swastika? You gotta be joking right ... those *sswipes wouldn't piss on a Jew if he was on fire)].

I can only imagine, Rachel Maddow stayed up the whole entire night ... watching, waiting. Hoping ... praying. And ultimately, when morning finally rolled around? She stood in front of the mirror. Holding a 45 ... to her head. But, since she ain' got no brass (shrill as she is). She just couldn't go through with it.

And the only Moby's in the crowd? Meg Whitman operatives, dressed in casual office attire, handing out full color glossy multipage brochures [and well, there was a tremendous amount of leafletting going on, by all and sundry (note to Meg: was really pist with your last round of gutter attack ads, lowering the discourse ... waaay down. And now, yet again ... another different round? Fook me/geebus ... what a choice, Cherry Jerry Koolaid Brown. Or someone who mistakes a flip of the wrist, holding a trowel loaded with mud. For leadership)].

What I took from the experience? Our hearts and minds spoke to the many more tens of thousands, who were witness. The Dems will not recapture any of our hearts. Nor the narrative. That be lost completley. Though they will continue to sh*t upon the truth, upon us, and upon reality whole.


If the Maggot King (Hussein) dares cross us again? We'll amuse him even more (cue Pesci/Goodfellas). He wants to stoke this fire? Let him (what a pinhead). 198 days ... until Judgement Day (mark your calendars people, count down the days). The survival of this entire nation comes down to just, and only ... one day. November 2, 2010. Not 2012. No pie in the sky. No counting unhatched chickens. We lose this November 2? Then this nation dies. A frightful, inglorious death.


Concentrate on the near event horizon. That's all we have to do. Carpet bombing the voting booth. With ballots. The vile ugly insects, maquerading as humans on CNN and MSNBC, at the AP/NYT's/L.A. Times. Make me sick to my stomach. Hiding behind their ignorance. While parroting lies and repeating fabrications. Without end. Without compunction. Robots. Borgs. Machines. Without conscience. Without shame, let those POS' try that sort of nonsense to my face [mad props to Coulter (even if she ain' down with the birth certificate), for even sitting between Smiley and Tyler. While they dropped trow in her face].

While there once was a tradition of excellence in journalism. Integrity. Service to the citizenry. Duty to honor the truth. Now? Merely and only ... agents of the fascist state [the economy is up! Taxes are lower! Chucklehead smiled, again (gasp). Sarah Palin ran over my puppy!] . Virtual stormtroopers. The ready shock squad ... Schutzstaffel.

They are filth. Pig sh*t. Openly degrading themselves. In their partisan fellation of their King. Desecrating the nation, defiling all Americans. Misguided. Dangerous. Mimicking the caliphate. A mirror image even. They can no longer be entrusted with this safety of this country. No longer be trusted with our very lives.

While I have spouted a number of times ... to go ahead and let them continue on with this insanity.


Just like militant radical Islam teaches intolerance, preaches hate. Begetting violence. So too, we are now witness to physical attacks on conservatives, because of this indoctrination. Reality is. Ignore it at your peril. Up on their televison pulpits, encouraging complete and total disrespect for the truth. And in such, comes a disregard for the law. A state of unreality. And since it is a universe of faux construction, the violence they visit upon other citizens, is also not real.


Don't wait. Don't postpone. Get one like uh ... yesterday. A hard rain just may fall on this nation. In which case, would do you a sight more good to be holding something, other than your puds.

This country has never been in more jeopardy. And things will get hotter. We need to hold on tight. Hold on for dear life. I honestly believe we're going to make it. We're going to get through this. That doesn't mean when we get there, the libturd nation will join us. Back here on planet earth. But simply hope for the best ... plan for the worst (and no, I don't have a well stocked basement larder ... or a gas powered rotary saw ... or a cache of gasoline ... or ...).


Go ahead and wait. Watch. See if we are sucessful ... stomping these bugs ... as we enter the voting booth. Wait and see how the Supremes rule? And whether the bravest man alive, Lt. Col Terrence Lakin, receives the commendation and glory he so richly deserves. One man, standing up to the the entire U.S. military. One man, standing up to the all powerful, the almighty King Hussein, and his legion of MSM scumslingers. Exposing the Mooselimb traitor among us.

We ARE strong enough.

We are reasonable enough (even in these times of trial by fire).

To wait.

But if they crank that tuning peg ... if they wind that key. Till the string breaks? It will recoil at speeds in excess of 700mph. Better stand back. Because all bets will be off. Yes, I believe it possible they will be unable to refrain. Further jeopardizing my country. But I do not fear them. I do not fear events. I do not fear the future. We will suceed. We will not fail. But even if? Somehow, someway ... the unspeakable happens? We as a nation died standing up. With our boots on.

Our glory is now. Today. In the trying. In the struggle. In the effort. In the battle to save America. Win or lose. I was ever so proud Thursday. Had to grab hold of myself a few times. When a spot of moisture would appear in the corner of my eyes. Though we march, carry on ... continue the war. Only the future will reveal its outcome. Each day passes. Each day we inch closer ... to the promised land. One foot in front of the other.

November 2, will be a quite rude awakening for many. MSM continues to amplify the divide. The disconnect. This divorce from reality. This cleave will not narrow (see above pic: victims ... uh duh Brain Gobblers, from the Planet Stinky Pinky). It will only widen. They've shown no propensity, no willingness to change or alter course. I'd like to be optimistic. But the signs are not promising. Bottle fed by Hollywood since birth. Oer their lifetimes. They do not know, do not recognize the atomic world. The one we live in. Have no connection to it.

When King Hussein and his legion of scumslingers, stretch the strings past the breaking point. Open rebellion will follow [you can only brutishly strike a nation in the face, so many times. With such vile, odious, filthy lies. Before they indeed respond to such. Own your words libturds ... or STFU. With this endless ... racist this, racist that (over and f*cking over again)]. In their insanity, they hope for such. They pray for such (oh G*d, I sure do hope the recycling center is open, I need to go buy more gasoline, to pour on the divide). Rather than fear for the life of this great nation, as we all do. They instead root for. Welcome ... its destruction. Keep your cools. PLEASE. Keep your heads. We're gunna keep this country of ours.

Hope for the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posts are so good. Today, when I was reading the Bible, I came across Psalms 109 verse 8. I hope it was a message from God.

5:47 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

The last week or two, when gazing up at the blue sky, and puffs of clouds. I could only help but feel he/she is our wingman. Riding shotgun in the sky.

There are no guarantees. Anything can still happen. These souless machines, pounding, flailing away at the foundation of this cherished land. Won't stop anytime soon. Won't upgrade their BIOS or operating systems. Won't abort their attack.

They still will keep coming from out the depths of hell. Though we luxuriantly bathed, in a most glorious light on Thursday. The warm, glowing and sweet light ... of freedom.

Freedom to think!
To speak.
To say.
To do.

Producing a joy that shall evince a smile, with every recollection, every day that we live upon this green earth.

There still be insects in the garden. Not beings. Not humans. Not fellow citizens. Nor members of a/their community. Nor of this great nation. Entities. Bereft of morals, or direction, knowledge, or understanding.


And these entities have yet to regather. Yet to alight. And swarm again.

We stand watch.

We will not surrender that which is most dear to us ... our country. For we still possess something of equally great worth. More valuable than gold or diamonds. Platinum, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Or a bathtub filled with hundred dollar bills. And you must guard it. You must preserve it, treasure it with all of your being.

Your votes.

On November 2, merely pass over one single little chit. In exchange for the greatest nation the world has ever known (such a deal).

7:33 AM  

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