Tuesday, April 13, 2010

High Noon ....

Tick tock ...

We stand on principle. Unmoved. Unbowed.

To remain FREE citizens, in this once free land.

As proscribed in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

As heralded in the Declaration of Indpendence.

And we will NOT sacrifice those principles in the struggle. Not even for one single lousy f*cking seat, in either house of Congress. We will not become them, under the pretense of defeating them. These insects, these bugs, these maggots who feast on our liberty.


In my America, the one they now are destroying with absolute vigor and uncontained glee. WE control ourselves. OUR lives, OUR destinies. As it once was, it too shall be again.

Judgement Day approaches

Those who would cross us? Those who now inexplicably, are rowing in the wrong direction? Unable to distinguish left from right? Unable to refrain from fraggin' the coxswain? GET THE F*CK OUTTA THE BOAT ... NOW! And no, I really don't give a flying leap at a donut if you can swim?

Stand your ground ...

We're not backing down one inch.
Nor millimeter.
Nor nanometer.
Get a clue.

King Hussein is now destroying America!

We hang our heads in shame
As King Hussein continues to destroy America. A path from which he will not diverge. It is going to get a lot warmer. Much. Between now and November 2nd, Judgment Day ... this country will be on fire. As Chucklehead torches this land. In his derangement and pure insanity.

It will get much warmer before November 2, guaranteed.
We can weather this firestorm. We can and will survive. We must.

Congratulations Mr. Supreme Court Justice!
Jesse babe, congratulations on your Supreme Court nomination!

The million tons of napalm King Hussein has at the ready, he will use to attack us from all sides. Via his now entirely predictable scummy behaviour. With a guaranteed hyper-cynical Supreme Court nominee. Via his pocket MSM army of mini Goebbels and mancows. Who pray we fight fire with fire, and nightly dream ever thus. By transference ... crushing our friends, crushing our allies before our very eyes. In order to destroy our spirits. He is a lunatic. A foreign born mooselimb TRAITOR. The likes of which, we have never before seen in America. Where because of his and their crimes, against the truth. It is now against the law ... to be white.

On this Thursday, April 15. At 12 ... high noon. STOP. FREEZE. Park it. Zip it. Pull over to the side of the road. Tie it up. Wherever you are. Whatever you may be doing?


And for one minute, for sixty entire seconds. Cover your face. And hang your head in shame. Do not move. Remain motionless. Still. Listen to the world around you. Before it is lost. Forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Elmo

During this next election, I think our goal should be to get enough seats in both houses to start impeachment proceedings. I don't know how many that is, or if it is possible to get that many, but that is what is needed to save our country.

8:22 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

From your lips ... to G*d's ears.

And well, if we manage to hold together, stay together, and retake both houses [even tossing a seat or two, right back into the fire (as in no thanks *sshole, we don't need you, we don't want you). One would think, that within mere seconds (as in less than seven).

Articles of Impeachment WILL be introduced.

Mooselimb State Media is still largely asleep. Still snorin'/sawing logs. Cept as always, they sleep with their mouths wide open, and Chucklehead's salami firmly resting inside.

When this is finally over. The entire landscape of America, will be littered. With bits and pieces of grey matter. From all the self-exploded libturd craniums.

Most definitely will not be very pretty ... will a sight ugly, smelly, and uncomfortable.

This is our reality. The burden we bear. As we watch with each passing day ... more and more Oborg/Obot circuits sparking, shorting out. In a big cloud of sparks and smoke (poor things).

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you ever read lamecherry.blogspot.com ? That blogger thinks that since they decided to court martial the doctor in the army who says Obama must prove his eligibility, that Obama will be forced to show his birth certificate and passport. I don't know enough about the law, and know nothing about court martial law, but it gives me hope!

1:37 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Haven't been there, no (I'll give it a peek though ... later, certainly). Not having taken a look, at what's up this am/pm. I would be extremely surprised if Chucklehead went ahead with it [though I did read about the possibility of it (@WND) yesterday]. He's shown himself to be the scummiest, slipperiest snake in/on the entire planet. Bar none. Without any competitive measure.

So, would be quite a surprise if he put his nuts in the vise (by doing so). My thinking is they will find a way, anyway, someway .. to get him out, without a court martial. Though within the realm of possibility, that forces and powers unseen, have wrested control of the decision away. In which case, we look to the heavens, and give Thanks.

As an aside, in addition to previous comment/reponse ... much of the world now knows that Obama is FORMER pwezzidunce Obama. There are no dimensions, no holes in the fabric of space and time. Where he can, or will be ... reelected.

He is the lamest duck American politic has ever seen. Though obviously, we'll be treated to plenty more mighty quacking between now and Judgement Day, November 2nd. He will continue to be the larget millstone round the neck of this nation. And around the necks of its over three hundred million citizens. That they could have ever imagined, dreaded, or feared.

I cannot predict events. Though yeah, I often feel I've been given the odd accidental peek into the future. Whatever happens, happens (oooh elmo, I love it when you get all existential and sh*t). But I have no doubt. I WILL be buying a bottle of bubbly. Enjoying it in a fashion most sublime (me, singing, in/on my first YouTube video ... Tiny Bubbles! No BS!!) Whether that be the evening of November 2, or before?

We won. It is over. We only await the pulling of the toilet handle, that flushes this evil monstrosity down the drain. Back to hell whence it came. The only question that remains?

How much damage to this country has been done ... how much more will Deranged King Hussein inflict on America, before he is removed from office?

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun today. We will be heard!

3:27 AM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

Waiting to hear how it went today. Mine was good and we had great weather. Took my dog :) Everyone kept feeding him this and that so he will probably have the squirts tomorrow but all for a great cause.

9:52 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

It was ooober spectacular. Like a kid ... youngboy with his first Stingray bicycle! More than impressive, and did my heart a whole world of good. So many people, so many American flags swirling, anouncing the arrival of Democracy in America. Once again.

You people were absolutely amazing. That was simply awesome. What a rush (see Shalhoub/Galaxy Quest ... after he had just traveled from one point in the Galaxy to another, via a wormhole).

Going to try and get up a post with further thoughts on the matter (we'll see?).

G*d Bless America!

7:19 AM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

Tis Country but the words are great.

12:06 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Just bought a Cash LP a couple months back ... really really wanted this cut.

The last year, pretty much all I thought of. When teenking bout Bambi.

Duzzn't look like I'll get my thoughts about Thursday, into the virtual realm, here, today? Maybe tomorrow .... [and with all the excuses, it'd sure be a bust if they turned out not worth much :-) ]

12:37 PM  
Anonymous JayJay said...

I am just hoping that the lessons learned in the past 2 years will never be forgotten and that those fighting now will instill them into future generations. Complacency is our own worst enemy. I keep waiting for the Repub party to signal a shift back to their traditional values but have not seen it and that worries me. Maybe they are waiting to see which way the wind blows in Nov. and if that is the case then they are nothing but corrupt politicians... Demwits Lite or something like that. I fear many feel that the Tea Party movement will put them back on top of the power game and that they can spend and expand government as they have in the past. Then we will have to battle them as well. Guess if that is what they want and what we have to do, it will be done. I also think many who espouse freedom and less gov't control will turn away when they realize they may have to stand on their own 2 feet for the first time in their lives. I think others on experiencing freedom for the first time will revel in it and shout it from the rooftops.

You might like this site:All the songs from the Vietnam Era

2:37 PM  

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