Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Roses


Couple weeks back, after nearly four months. Without any color, or lightness, or blooms. The roses flowered. And it was beautiful. A wonderful smile inducing bit it was.

Within a week of nature's bounty, I was witness to a young white [as per the new URLC (uniform race law code), that King Hussein has enacted (for all media outlets and platforms). Requiring specific descriptions, of all skin types and colors, of/for all Americans] woman. Not helping herself to one, or even a couple (like I'd care) roses. But with my jaw on the ground, unbelievably ... she was mowing down every single last bloom.

I managed to call out: they're nice to look at .... mind leaving a few?

To wit ... no response. Not even a glance. But an eyes/face down scurry ... a ways away, to her front door.

A week later, two days ago. Another, different white woman. Taking roses. I only espied her at the completion of her task. And thus, had nothing to say ... as she clutched her half dozen ill gotten flowers, while already walking away.

Yesterday, beyond all belief ... a third, different white woman. Ripping and tearing every remaining bloom's stem, in order to abscond with the garden's last remaining delight. And when I repeated myself (from the previous week): they're nice to look at .... mind leaving a few? Same type of response.

What the fook was I thinking huh?

Obviously, NOT like the libwuhl generation. Not merely entitled. To take. To take whatever. From whomever. To reap the fruit of other's labor. To steal their modest wealth. Their joy. Their beauty. But empowered.

The bushes now so forlorn. Ugly. Nearly destroyed. Where once was a little island of sunshine ... now just hideousness. A foul emptiness. Just like Buraq the Magic Pony is doing to America.



Destroying it.

All the beauty. All the roses. Crushing the sublime joy under his cloven hooves. Until nothing remains. Naked destruction. Wanton desecration. Where not even a weed can survive.

On November 2, in one hundred and eighty seven days, there shall yet be flowers in the garden.


Once again.


Great minds (spel't mentull meejits) ... teenk alike:

Women With Suntans Will Be Arrested, Iran Police Chief Warns

Though of course Bambi, has only instituted a tax (for now).


And was parked on/at CNN for a few seconds last night, and heard (Jeffrey?) Toobin, mention the AZ immigration law, and the Supreme Court. In the same breath. And slipped a groove, busted a gut ... laughing.


But, to live, is to hear Olberdouche (also last night). Tout some lower/ed ratings number, for one Glenn Beck (and if you're a fan of the Dear Douglas Adams, one could not help but think ... tis proof positive ... of the existence of G*d).



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