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We spit in the feuhrer's face!

We spit in the feuhrer's face!

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"A Phoenix business executive wore a pro-immigration law T-shirt to Game 2 of Los Suns against the Spurs on Wednesday night. The executive was hassled over the shirt by Suns security but was later allowed to return to his seats behind the San Antonio bench, and he was allowed to still wear the shirt.

Clark said he and his friend were approached by security guards early in the game at US Airways Center and asked to take the shirts off or turn them inside out.

I said, ‘No, I’m not going to do that,’ said Clark. Clark said the security guards then removed him and his friends from their seats, but they were later allowed to return after discussing the matter with the Suns’ security director."

(Via WND)

"After a monthlong search, Mr. Obama informed Ms. Kagan and his advisers on Sunday of his choice to succeed the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. He plans to announce the nomination at 10 a.m. Monday in the East Room of the White House with Ms. Kagan by his side."

No word yet on who KSO (Khalid Sheikh Obama) selected as her wardrobe/fashion/style consultant?

Me (is is just?) ... but we have a foreign born, Islamist traitor, in the White House (umm yeah ... we do). And I can't help but think ... ALL legislative acts, ALL appointments.


(More from link):

"As he presses an ambitious agenda expanding the reach of government (ed: nope, no socialism here), Mr. Obama has come to worry that a conservative Supreme Court could become an obstacle (ed: ooogy boogy booh) down the road, aides said. It is conceivable that the Roberts court could eventually hear challenges to aspects of Mr. Obama’s health care program (ed: no sh*t Sherlock) or to other policies like restrictions on carbon emissions and counterterrorism practices."

Or say Constitutional eligibility for the job of President!

"M. Edward Whelan III, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, wrote on National Review’s Web site that even Ms. Kagan’s nonjudicial experience was inadequate. 'Kagan may well have less experience relevant to the work of being a justice than any entering justice in decades'."

Her skillset has NOTHING to do with her selection. Zeep. Zeero Naada.

"Ms. Kagan had several advantages from the beginning that made her the most obvious choice. For one, she works for Mr. Obama, who has been impressed with her intelligence and legal capacity."

I guess that makes it official then. KSO thinks she's smart! (Isn't there a law somewhere against masturbating in public?)

Where there's smoke ... there's often (uh huh, you guessed it) ... fire.

"Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle is playing a very insidious and dangerous game of stonewalling on the most secretive vital record in the state's history."

"60 Minutes Empathizes with Hillary Clinton’s Challenge After Bush, Hails Her Work Ethic and ‘Global Star Power’"

Subconsciously, the left already knows. KSO (Khalid Sheikh Obama) will not serve out his term as 'President'. So they now bolster, the other members of the mooselimb junta. But in their duplicity, and her complicity. She'll be left holding nothing but her pud.

"CNN's Kurtz: Do Conservative Commentators Want a Successful Terrorist Attack?"

"Howard Kurtz on Sunday actually asked if right-wing pundits are hoping for another successful terrorist attack against our nation in order to harm President Obama politically?"

The left will continue ... to become completely unhinged. Totally unglued. As we inch towards Judgement Day ... November Second. And as I've said now countless times. It will get worse. As we daily witness ... them proving me right (give that man a ceegar!).

You ain't fookin seen nuthin yet baby!

" 'This is a damn outrage', a disgusted David Brooks, the faux conservative columnist for the New York Times, declared on Sunday’s Meet the Press reacting to Republican Senator Bob Bennett’s loss Saturday at Utah’s Republican convention which chose two others to compete in a June primary for the seat. Brooks fretted he was punished for being 'a good conservative who was trying to get things done' by 'bravely' working with Democrats on health care and supporting TARP. 'Now', he repeated, 'he's losing his career over that. And it's just a damn outrage'."

(jpeg of itsy bitsy, teeny, tiny violin here).

Addendum, 10:00 a.m.

"President Barack Obama will nominate Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, a person familiar with the president's thinking said Sunday night.

Osama Bin Laden? Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

"sharp ... politically savvy ... led a blazing legal career"

She'll fit right in with the other political terrorists in the mooselimb junta.

"first female dean of Harvard Law School, first woman to serve as the top Supreme Court lawyer, and now first in Obama's mind"

It's a trifecta of firsts! (Place your bets!)

"At 50 years old, Kagan would be the youngest justice on the court, one of many factors working in her favor. She has the chance to extend Obama's legacy for a generation."

Legacy? You libturds project much? Legacy my *ss. You f*cking freaks haven't clue one what's gunna take place on November Second (watch, wait, see). Legacy ... Jiminy Cricket ... legacy.

"earned a stellar reputation as a student, teacher and manager of the elite academic world"

Yeah, just like that ummm ... Constitutional Law Perfessor, at Chi-town U. And well, might come in handy, while she's out there shilling for KSO. Just what we need. Another know nothing, do nothing imbecile. With ZERO life experience. Heading a major branch of government.

"Yet Kagan would be the first justice without judicial experience in almost 40 years."

Well don't let that stop ya.

"Kagan's fate will be up to a Senate dominated by Democrats (ed: the clock's ticking on that one b*tches), who with 59 votes have more than enough to confirm her, even though they are one shy of being able to halt any Republican stalling effort."

Booosh's fault! (Oooogy boogy booh).


WASHINGTON -- Saying they obtained new evidence, senior White House officials said Sunday that the Pakistani Taliban were behind the failed Times Square bombing.

Out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

"Concerning the Pakistani Taliban, Attorney General Eric Holder said: 'We know that they helped facilitate it; we know that they helped direct it. And I suspect that we are going to come up with evidence which shows that they helped to finance it. They were intimately involved in this plot'."

Musta been the big box.

"Gen. David Petraeus told The Associated Press that Shahzad apparently operated as a 'lone wolf'. (Security adviser) Brennan on Sunday rejected suggestions that that the attempted bombing shows that terrorist groups overseas were gaining strength. 'They now are relegated to trying to do these unsophisticated attacks, showing that they have inept capabilities in training'."

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see. Move along.

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Washington expects more cooperation from Pakistan in fighting terrorism and warned of 'severe consequences' if an attack on U.S. soil were successful and traced back to the South Asian country.

Oooh .... like uh maybe call em terrorists? (Hat tip Dane).


"Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday he does not think Arizona's law cracking down on illegal immigrants is racially motivated but voiced concern that its enforcement could lead to racial profiling."

And you and KSO running your pig snouts off, could lead to a race war (but then that's the plan isn't it?).

"people will be picked on because of how they look"

If you say so *sswipe. And you know, I now expect nothing less of you traitors in the mooselimb junta.

"The law empowers police to question anyone they suspect"


"Shortly after being picked for attorney general, Holder, who is black"

Really? Wow.

"I think that we need to talk to each other more about race and the racial things that divide us"

Because this race war sure seems mofo'ing slow, to get started (anyone got any gasoline? Napalm? How about an Exocet or two or three?).


DA seeks hate crime charges in NM swastika case

But I'm guessing it's still OK to call every honky cat, pinchi gringo, tea drinker ... a nazi. Everyday. Every hour, of every day (try it to my face ... go ahead).

For relevant photo, go to maggot Ted Soqui's blog (embedded execute/code in jpeg's BEWARE!)

Pearls Before Swine

Kagan to come ....


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