Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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We ... no longer amused, by Khalid Sheikh Obama, and his legion of supplicants and scum slingers. The bizarre dichotomy. A foreign born, corrupt, felonious traitor. And not just a muzzy symp, no, but a champion of the caliphate. Occupying the White House. While pretending ... playing president. In each day's ripe installment, of the ever sickening kabuki theater. We now have become quite alarmed (at the mooselimb junta in residence in DC). KSO daily proving himself incapable, of now even holding up the mask (of pretense).

Can't get the Fox hosted vid to embed (so have given up). Here's the links, if you haven't seen them. Beyond anything we have encountered thus far, in dealing with the muzzy regime.


[Hurl watch! (if you've just eaten?) If you haven't, will still turn your stomach/make your skin crawl (you've been warned)].

O'Reilly ... Talking Points Memo: Monday 5/17, video. (Two minutes, forty four seconds).

And the Powerline post ... about the rabid, drooling, dripping insanity.
[Which likely preceded O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo (?)].

And Michelle has the background.
On Obama's newest pet ... doo flingin monkey name a Posner.

We're not in the Twilight Zone (Bill). Or even the Outer Limits. We are in America. In the atomic. In 2010. And it is indeed a f*cking, living, waking nightmare. As this insanity continues to unfold, we come to understand the potential for catastrophe. How real. How possible. How close. How near we are ... to the edge of the abyssal zone.

Our lives, our world entire. Now teeter in the balance. But that it were simply, and only, a joke. A fabrication. A devilish little fiction. A screen play. Ninety minutes of twisted diversion. Sadly, tis all too real. Beyond any belief. Far beyond any grand powerful imagination.

It is one thing to be such a worthless, vile, odious insect. A steamin' pile'o peeg sheet. But a whole nuther to be graced with such idiocy, incompetence, and proud ... delirious swagger.

As each day passes, ever so ... our mortification increases. We are 168 calendar strikes away ... from Judgement Day. And yet though I still believe we will make it. Will get there. My fear is real. All too. That the damage wrought will be extreme. The devastation severe. And lasting.

What can be done?

What are we to do?

I don't care if you don't have the votes, to buster that (non) filly.

This is the time.

This is the place.

The moment is now.

Just because it seems we are helpless to stop the destruction. Is not an excuse for getting down on your knees. And helping ... to polish the magic pony's brass.

Just vote no.

How complex is that huh?

Vote yes?

And you are the handle of the hammer which is destoying America (as we speak).

There are no excuses. Answer your country's call. Or feel our wrath, throughout eternity, in hell. If you have not the courage. Find it. If you have not the strength. Grab hold the staff.

If you cannot find it in yourself to stand.

If you cannot muster.

If you cannot defend.

Then get the f*ck outta the way.

Or be trampled in the rapidly approaching doom.

Hell hath come to America, this day.

Pick up the sabre. Smite Beelezebub. Strike him down by your own hand. Cast your no vote. Do no relinquish the greatest gift ever known. Look Satan in the eye. Do not flinch.

Stand fast.

G*d is watching you. He too is not amused. Shut down this insanity. Now. At any cost. At all cost. Stop the madness. Before it well and truly is ... too late.

A yes vote will only merely hasten the destruction. Do not feebly believe a unified voice is powerless. Say no. Mean it. Do it. Live it. Be it.

And shove it down Khalid Sheikh Obama's throat.

Let him choke on it.

If you have not the will or the way. Find it. Do what needs be done. We have no need of cowards. Put on your f*cking boots and march mofo.


This is it. The one everyone's been waiting for. The epic battle between good and evil. It is not fiction. It is not make believe. Do not surrender. You have been called. Do not fail us. Liberty's death will be grievous beyond compare.

Raise your hand to Mephistopheles. Raise your voice. Raise Cain. Bring everything you've got. Anything you can. But bring it. And bring it ...


YouTube direct link/URL

YouTube direct link/URL


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